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Archive List for Year: 2020 and Month: June

Phoenix Tapware debuts new company video

As Phoenix Tapware celebrates 30 years as a pioneering leader in Australia’s bathroom and plumbing industry, a new company video has been released to spotlight Phoenix’s R&D, design, and customer service expertise.

The Phoenix guide to finishes

It wasn’t all that long ago that when it came to tapware, there were only two choices of finishes: chrome or gold. Although these classic finishes are still popular, home decorators now have a much wider choice of finishes for their tapware, whether it be for a traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, provincial, or retro interior space.

Adele Bates talks emerging bathroom and kitchen design trends

Adele Bates, the Melbourne-based director of the eponymously named design studio, pens her thoughts for Phoenix on how bathroom and kitchen designs are changing and some of the trends to watch out for.