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Freeing Fantasies through Innovation: Our New Flush Mount Showers

August 23rd, 2016

At Phoenix, we don’t work with unattainable luxury. Our team of Australian Designers have combined timeless design and optimum functionality to create a Flush Mount Ceiling Shower that is not only easy to install but also gives your bathroom an indulgent spa look.

We believe that easily creating the perfect showering experience should be with done with excellence, without compromise and without fuss. That it is the crux of our new Vivid Slimline Flush Mount Showers. After all, award-winning design and ease-of-installation shouldn’t be an odd partnership.  

Whether in a new build or a renovation, once the plumbing in the ceiling is in place, then in four easy-to-follow steps, the ceiling shower can be installed and ready to use. Thanks to the simplistic and innovative bracket design, there is no need to enter the roof to connect the shower to the water supply. It can be done easily by a licensed plumber from inside the room.

The Flush Mount Shower features a slimline design that lies flat against the ceiling of your bathroom. It mimics the organic patterns of heavy rain as water falls from its expansive 300mm shower rose face. It is available in both round and square stylings, with a mirrored chrome finish that takes on a chameleon effect in most modern bathrooms. The result is understated, yet striking.

The system comes with the same premium-quality assurances of all our Phoenix products: design, quality and customer service. Our Flush Mount Systems are designed both to integrate seamlessly into the ceiling of your bathroom, and seamlessly into your everyday. We are proud to present this unique product to you as the sum of our intensive design process. The ultimate payoff of this process? Luxury is now well within reach.


Vivid Slimline Flush Mounted Shower Square