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WARNING: Geometric Tiles – It’s Hard to Pick Just One

February 04th, 2019

There’s a new trend that has taken hold of the interior design industry…and our hearts. Its geometric tiles.

Triangles, circles, rectangles, hexagons and diamonds are all competing for our love right now, and just when we thought we had waded through the mire of lively, exotic patterns and chosen a favourite, we realised that some are even upping the ante by throwing textures and protruding dimensions into the mix.

Grand Design Australia - Phoenix Tapware Rush

Not just the domain of bathrooms, these stunningly crisp, geometric beauties are banishing the bland and the uninspiring and are appearing in the design of kitchen floors and splashbacks, laundries and even hallways.

Our suggestion for incorporating these interesting patterns into your decorating scheme is to design the space around them to be as simple as possible, with plain walls and simple furnishings with just a pop of colour to really showcase their geometric splendour at its best.

Be warned, it’s hard to pick just one pattern.

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