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Winter Warmers: The Design Solution

August 30th, 2017


Adding a bit of warmth to your home is about more than adding a heater. From a design perspective, if there’s one room in the house that’s especially in need of a little bit of love, it’s  your bathroom.

Think about it – you go to your sister’s house… Same colour scheme. You go to your neighbour’s house… Same colour scheme. You visit a hotel… Same colour scheme.

It’s a mix of white on white on white on white, with some chrome added in for good measure. Now, there’s not necessarily anything wrong with that as a colour scheme – it’s classic, it’s timeless, it looks clean and stylish. But it’s not unique. And it’s not particularly warm or inviting, especially when it’s cold outside.

Don't underestimate Australian Winters. Most houses aren’t built for the cold – because the other extreme comes around the moment we hit Summer!

There are a few ways to add warmth and to make an environment more inviting without investing in under-foot heating (although we’d never tell you to rule that out)!

The warmest place in your house is your bathtub. But here’s the catch: you have to walk through the coldest, iciest room of the house to get there. Bath tubs might take up space, but if you’re looking for a warmer, cozier feel, they are an excellent investment. On top of that, they add a hint of luxury without breaking the bank. After all, taking a long, hot bath is a simple luxury we all ought to have on our priority list. Combine it with tall, freestanding taps and you have an elegant, intriguing centrepiece.

To take full advantage of this warm, luxurious look, consider adding colour. White might look polished and shiny, but it can also come off as somewhat clinical – like a hospital room with starched, white sheets.

We’re not suggesting throwing the baby out with the bathwater – your bathroom doesn’t need to be technicoloured and glitzy. The best way to add warmth is gently. Using one of our warmer finishes on your tapware can really breathe comfort into a wintery bathroom. Our prime pick here would be our brushed gold finish. It’s our latest addition to our range and makes a subtle, yet stunning addition to your space. It doesn’t have the showy sheen of a polished gold finish – it is more humble and more modern – suitable across a broad range of bathrooms. If you've got a white colour scheme, it fits perfectly. Its versatility shines when paired with other warmth-adding tones like pastel rose and wood. For darker shades, look to navy blues, forest greens, and charcoal.

The brushed finish also carries the illusion of softness – ideal for inducing relaxation. It’s as if the steam has already clouded over the room…

Summer, winter, spring, or summer, a little warmth goes a long way. Create a unique bathroom that shines all year round – browse our extensive range of tapware. There's something to brighten every bathroom – classic, modern, or minimalist. There’s no excuse not to try something new!