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NX Showers


Realise the true freedom of showering when you experience NX. This luxury shower collection is from the award-winning design team at Phoenix.


Refined by design, NX was created with a focus on the essential elements of showering. With three unique and exquisite collections, there is something to suit all sensibilities, while also delivering equally invigorating and calming shower experiences. The NX Showers are backed by a lifetime warranty, which is a testament to their design and engineering quality.


Now, just step in and let freedom rain.



  1. NX Cape Twin Shower

    NX Cape Twin Shower

  2. NX Cape Rail Shower

    NX Cape Rail Shower

  3. NX Cape Hand Shower

    NX Cape Hand Shower

  4. NX Cape Shower Arm & Rose
  5. NX Cape Shower Rose

    NX Cape Shower Rose

  6. NX Quil Twin Shower

    NX Quil Twin Shower

  7. NX Quil Rail Shower

    NX Quil Rail Shower

  8. NX Quil Hand Shower

    NX Quil Hand Shower

  9. NX Quil Shower Arm & Rose
  10. NX Vive Twin Shower

    NX Vive Twin Shower

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