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The Spa Retreat at Home

After two years of living in the COVID pandemic age, the trend toward designing a bathroom as a wellness sanctuary has emerged. Architects and interior designers are creating spaces that encapsulate all the luxury of a spa-like retreat. A place where people can relax and unwind within the cocoon of their own home, not needing to venture beyond.

Get the look: boho bathrooms

With an emphasis on textured textiles, organic materials and shapes and rich tones, boho style can be a budget-friendly way to refresh your bathroom without undertaking a full renovation. If you want to bring the boho look into your bathroom, there are a few key things you can add that will immediately help you capture those laid-back vibes.

Get the look – Scandi kitchen

Give the heart of your home the Nordic treatment and embrace functionality, clean lines, and an overall less-is-more approach with a Scandinavian design.

7 design tips for children’s bathrooms

Kid’s bathrooms are undeniably high-traffic, hard-working spaces. Whether your children are tots or teens, or in between, here’s how you can future proof your bathroom for a fast-growing family.

Phoenix takes 5 with… Maria Danos

As part of Phoenix Tapware’s interview series with key designers, architects, builders and plumbers, we take five minutes with Maria Danos, founder of the eponymously named Maria Danos Architecture, to chat about her career, inspiration and current design trends.

7 common kitchen design mistakes to avoid

As the undisputed heart of the home, the kitchen is one of the most important spaces we utilise. And yet, when embarking on a renovation or a new build, there a number of mistakes that are commonly made, which can dramatically affect the way we use and enjoy the kitchen. We’ve compiled seven of these mistakes with advice on how to avoid them.

Get the look: Industrial Style Kitchen

Characterised by exposed brick walls and pipes, an abundance of stainless steel and reclaimed wood surfaces, industrial style kitchens are chic, contemporary and make a real design statement.