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Trade Specifier
Exclusively for our specialist partners - designers, specifiers and Phoenix trade. Find the tools and resources you require to work with us.
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A quality selection of Phoenix ranges for every kitchen, bathroom and laundry specified to the highest industry standards.

BIM/Revit Files

Our BIM/Revit content library is an industry-best quality tool to search and manage our tapware and bathroom accessories. We partnered with Australia’s leading BIM content creation providers, IGS BIM Solutions to develop our content library to the highest standard, enabling you to plan, design, construct and manage your project more easily and efficiently.

  • The library includes Families (RFAs) and Project Files (RVTs)
  • Families available in both ‘BIM/Revit Face-based’ and ‘BIM/Revit Non-Hosted’ formats
  • High attention to detail in Product Data integration, Levels of Detail (C/M/F), Reference Planes, application of materials, Family and Shared Parameters, Subcategories, 2D linework, Origin Points, Family/Type Naming, Classification and File Size
  • Individual BIM/Revit files can be downloaded throughout the product section. For bulk requests, visit our content library.

CPD Presentations

Our expert team at Phoenix offers official Continuing Professional Development (CPD) presentations.  Our accredited presentations are educational and all participants are awarded 1 formal CPD point. Our current presentation focuses on Watermark and WELS Certification as it applies to Tapware/Shower Equipment. To organise a face-to-face or virtual CPD presentation, please speak with our Projects Team.

Finish Swatch Samples

To assist with your project work, we have limited finish swatches available for approved specifier and trade customers.  Our individual swatch dot finishes include Brushed Nickel, Matte Black, Brushed Gold, Brushed Carbon, Matte White, Stainless Steel and Chrome – perfect for when you are creating a project mood board. Please visit the product page and contact our Projects Team for more information.

‘How To’ Installation Videos

For our registered plumber customers, we have a library of ‘How To’ installation videos.  These can come in handy when on-site and perfect to be used in conjunction with our supplied printed installation instructions.  See the full catalogue of ‘How To’ videos here.

About our Projects Team

  • Our Phoenix Commercial and Residential Team work closely with key stakeholders including Developers, Architects, Designers, Builders and Plumbers during the conception, specification and construction phases of each project and build. We strive to provide a high level of service and support to our partners to ensure their long-term ongoing success as well as increasing our brand profile in the marketplace.
  • For specification and project enquiries, please contact our Projects Team: [email protected]