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World-class innovation delivering state-of-the-art excellence.
Cutting Edge Technology & Innovation
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From concept to market, our premium products are renowned for their focus on technological innovation. Designed in state-of-the-art facilities, tested with in-house technologies and techniques, and manufactured from the world’s best components, every Phoenix creation not only performs with excellence but also provides sustainable, long-term solutions.

Research & development

To deliver world-leading products, we work with a world-leading team. Our R&D department is led by Dr. Patrick Yao and his team of experienced engineers. Together, the team tests and develops new technologies to ensure every experience of our products is enhanced. Phoenix offers onsite prototyping (including 3D printing), technologies for water flow simulation, manufacturing tooling and testing capabilities.

HydroSense® Technology – total escape

This leading technology presents a world first in water – delivering the most immersive shower experience using water spray technology. Developed by our in-house research design and engineering team, HydroSense® is our most innovative showering technology to date. The ground-breaking technology is inspired by nature to deliver curved sheets of water that multiply into dense, cascading droplets. Precisely and expertly calculated, the revolutionary technology accelerates water flow tenfold, creating better coverage and improved performance in low pressure environments.  NX Iko and NX Orli both feature this cutting edge innovation.

Pivot Guide® Technology – stylish flexibility

This unique innovation is naked to the eye but perfectly conceived upon closer inspection. The concept sees the handle descend into the body of the tap fitting when operated and lie flush within the body when not in use. For the user, the patented innovation allows for a minimalistic and organic tap silhouette, to complement any bathroom flawlessly. The Pivot Guide® Technology is incorporated into our Nara mixer collection.

Product & innovation

We understand our products are only as good as the mechanisms and machinery within them. We’re proud to utilise innovative systems including the Rotary Diverter, which uses precision-engineered ceramic mechanisms to divert between the cold and hot outlets. Or the Twin Shower / Wall Mixer that allows two water outlets to operate simultaneously or individually. And finally, a Progressive Cartridge, which controls the water flow and temperature increases in our mixers better than ever before. Driven by energy consumption and efficiency, these innovations are helping make better decisions about the way we use water.