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Helpful resources and support for our retail merchant customers
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Providing a large product offering of tapware, showers and accessories for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries.
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To help support our customers, we have a selection of ready-to-use resources including brochures, catalogues and yearly RRP price list. Brochures and catalogues are available digitally, to view and download here. For high quality printed literature or to discuss your marketing material needs, please speak with your account manager.

Product Displays and Point-of-Sale

We can assist with your showroom displays. Help your customers to make their selection by featuring Phoenix products within your retail store. Decals, signs and other POS material are also available. Your account manager will be able provide you with more information.

Digital Assets

Populating your own website can be quite an undertaking. Here, at Phoenix, we have a Bulk Product Download feature where approved customers can quickly and easily download the latest versions of our:

• Specification Sheets
• Line Drawings
• High-Res Images in RGB
• Instructions
• Revit Face Based also known as BIM Face Based
• Revit Non Hosted also known as BIM Face Based
• Warranty

To request Bulk Product Download access, please complete the form here.

If you have already recently been granted access, please click here.

About our Retail Team

  • Our Phoenix Retail Team works closely with our merchant customers. With account managers on the ground across the country, we are committed to providing support to our retail partners.
  • For retail merchant enquires, email [email protected]