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Innovative shower technology from Phoenix

Phoenix shower technology is a testament to the innovation of our in-house, award-winning design team, who excel in engineering products that simplify the often daunting task of choosing the perfect shower.


LuxeXP™ Technology

At the heart of LuxeXP Showers lies revolutionary patented* shower technology that leverages the power of the pressure swirl atomiser and Tesla valve to create a showering ritual like no other. This smart technology produces water droplets that envelop you in a full cascade.

 *patent pending

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Ormond with LuxeXP™

Introducing the Ormond collection, featuring LuxeXP shower technology, where timeless elegance meets modern design.  With its distinctive rounded elements, Ormond adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, these sleek, curved showers, effortlessly blend form and function.

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Oxley with LuxeXP™

The cutting edge Oxley shower collection, featuring LuxeXP shower technology, allows bold and contemporary design to take centre stage. With its striking square elements, Oxley brings a modern aesthetic to your bathroom space, offering a unique blend of geometric precision and functionality.

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NX with HydroSense®

HydroSense® Technology

Engineered in-house, this ground-breaking water spray technology was inspired by nature to produce curved sheets of water that multiply into dense, cascading droplets.

Precisely calculated, HydroSense® accelerates water flow tenfold, creates wider coverage, and improves performance in low-pressure environments.

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NX Iko with HydroSense®

The award-winning Iko collection expands our NX Showers range, representing the next generation in HydroSense technology. Slender, elegant and technology driven, Iko is stripped back with a clean and light, rounded profile shower design with concealed elements. The ribbing detail is inspired by water ripples to create a beautifully harmonious presence for any bathroom interior.

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NX Orli with HydroSense®

Our award-winning Orli collection expands the NX Showers range, representing the next generation in HydroSense technology. Orli is created with soft square detailing and flush design features, positioned as if floating against the wall. Sleek and solid, it also features HydroSense, a revolutionary water spray technology from our research and development team.

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NX Cape

The luxury NX Shower collection welcomes Cape into the Phoenix family. Defined by its contemporary rectangular design edge, Cape offers a strong and immersive shower experience to relax body and mind, with a rectangular shape expressed in fine detailing throughout each product design. Furthermore, the refined design is punctuated by sophisticated details and low-profile nozzles to provide an enveloping cleanse.

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NX Quil

Adding surface refinement to the NX Showers collection, Quil creates a thoughtful design with a beautiful sense of simplicity and stylish elegance. With its range of showering products, this collection is defined by its sophisticated nozzles, which create a spa-like sensation and a dense, droplet-like experience. As a result, Quil enables the shower to become an experience to be savoured, while achieving water efficiency at the same time.

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NX Vive

As a proud part of our NX Showers range, the Vive collection offers a dynamic, modernist design approach. The collection includes a series of shower options that will fuse seamlessly with any contemporary interior. It’s ideal for those who wish to push the limits beyond existing trends, thanks to its stylish profile, and its sophisticated nozzle design delivers a streamlined and invigorating showering experience.

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