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Phoenix delivers world-firsts in water technology

A focus on innovation ensures Phoenix continues to create at the highest level.

Our in-house R&D department combines years of experience with a passion for aesthetic and technical design. We constantly think ahead – it’s how we define new trends and lead the industry.

Research & development

One of the reasons Phoenix tapware, showers and accessories work so well and last for so long is the amount of time we’ve spend on research and development.

We design and test in our own state-of-the-art facilities for easy installation, intuitive use and durability. Our R&D team of designers and engineers prototype using advanced technologies for water flow simulation, manufacturing tooling and more.

LuxeXP™ Technology

The patented* technology used to create the LuxeXP™ spray pattern is widely used in the fuel delivery system for rocket engines and called a pressure swirl atomiser. These atomisers utilise the energy from the high-pressure water flow to induce a swirling motion, generating centrifugal forces that cause the water to exit the low-profile nozzles in almond-shaped sheets. These then break down into a multitude of water droplets, enveloping the shower user in a soothing cascade, delivering a truly immersive shower experience.

The shower rose also features Tesla valves, a series of interconnected channels that ensure water flows effortlessly at speed, in one direction, while the formation of vortexes inhibits reverse flow. This maintains steady water flow, ensuring a consistent showering experience irrespective of water pressure.

*patent pending

Experience LuxeXP™ in our Ormond and Oxley collections.

HydroSense® Technology

Simply put, we developed HydroSense® to create the most immersive shower experience possible.

Engineered in-house, this ground-breaking water spray technology was inspired by nature to produce curved sheets of water that multiply into dense, cascading droplets.

Precisely calculated, HydroSense® accelerates water flow tenfold, creates wider coverage, and improves performance in low-pressure environments.

Experience HydroSense® in our NX Iko and NX Orli range.

Intelligent design within

Our products are only as good as the mechanisms and machinery within them. Each is designed for efficiency and sustainability.

– Our rotary diverter uses precision-engineered ceramic mechanisms to divert between the cold and hot outlets.

– Our Twin Shower and Wall Mixer allow two water outlets to operate simultaneously or individually.

– Our Progressive Cartridge delivers an enhanced control of water flow and temperature increases.

– Our aerator controls flow to reduce water bills and conserve natural resources. You’ll notice we use a flush, slimline aerator for a more streamlined design.

– Phoenix products are also designed for easy installation. Flexible hoses connect to all standard plumbing, with a concealed O-ring and M8 fixing for simple fastening.

Pivot Guide® Technology

The genius of our Pivot Guide® technology is on the inside. The handle descends into the body of the tap fitting when operated, and lies flush within the body when not in use.

And on the outside? A beautifully sleek, minimal and organic silhouette that complements modern bathroom design.

You’ll find our innovative Pivot Guide® technology incorporated in the Nara mixer collection.