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Our People
Industry leaders

Behind the beautiful innovation and detailed design of every Phoenix product is a team of dedicated people. From our generous warranties to our customer service, the way we work reflects the essence of our product – integrity. We always go to the nth degree to make a difference.

Meet our designers

Our creative team combines design thinking, engineering innovation and a relentless drive to always improve.

John Hoogendoorn
Creative Design Manager

John is the creative force behind every Phoenix design and product. With an eye for exquisite detail and the experience to put into production what he creates, he draws on more than 30 years in the design industry. For his work, he has received global recognition including International Red Dot, iF Design Awards, Bombay Sapphire Design Discovery Award and the Osaka Design Prize. His products have featured in Vanity Fair (Italy), Icon Magazine (UK), Design Interiors (Norway) and the Melbourne Design Guide. He has exhibited work around the world including the prestigious Milan International Furniture Fair and he has presented design ideas at events including AGIdeas and the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Marco Magana
R&D Lead

Marco is our R&D Engineering Lead. A graduate of the University of Texas in El Paso, he has a strong background in designing flow control products for industry leaders. Marco’s dedication to innovation and precision, coupled with his extensive experience in developing new products that reach a global audience, reflect his dedication for the art and science of engineering.

Ban Liu
Design Lead

As our Design Lead, Ban is responsible for some of our industry’s most recognisable designs. Ban holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Design from National Taipei University and a Masters degree in Design from RMIT University. Ban’s work has been recognised internationally in major design awards including the 2019 International Good Design Award, 2017 Red Dot awards, 2014 iF Design Awards, and he also won Gold in the Liteon Awards and first prize in the 2006 Bicycle Victoria Research Awards. Ban’s products have featured in many major international publications.

Maria Dawson

Maria holds a First-Class Honors Degree in Industrial Design from Monash University, where she was nominated for the Australasian Student Designer Awards. As a 3D visual design specialist, Maria brings to Phoenix her expert eye in which she brings each concept to life on screen with meticulous attention to detail. Maria's cutting-edge image making and immersive visual environments are highly acclaimed in the industry and have previously featured in distinguished publications worldwide including the front cover of the esteemed Red Dot Design Yearbook 20/21.

Hugh Fan
Senior Mechanical Engineer

Hugh holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering (honours) and Commerce from the University of Melbourne and spent the first five years of his career creating detailed designs for the water industry. For the past decade, Hugh has applied his skills in 3D modelling, CFD, and prototyping for the consumer products industry with a focus on design for manufacturability in a global environment. An ardent maker, Hugh excels in plastic part design and the art of injection moulding. Hugh’s work has won prestigious Red Dot Design Awards and his journey exemplifies a commitment to innovation, bridging imagination and reality.

Geoff Wansbrough
Engineering Manager

Geoff is one of the founders of Phoenix and has enjoyed a rewarding career with the company ever since. As engineering manager, his knowledge and experience of every Phoenix product and process is unparalleled, and he is our go-to for the latest engineering technology and trends. He studied engineering at Swinburne University and owned and operated a successful engineering and manufacturing company for many years. At home with Phoenix, his engineering contribution to the company is invaluable.

Jonathan Albert

Jonathan, a dedicated engineer, holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with Honors and Distinction. His experience lies in various engineering roles, including manufacturing, supplier relations and customer service. Jonathan embraces challenges, is constantly learning, and finds solutions in a variety of environments. His experience extends to the world of 3D visualisation, adeptly transforming ideas into engaging visual representations. Jonathan's contributions have been recognised in multiple international award-winning product designs.

Alexander Tomlinson
Design Engineer

Alexander is a multi-disciplinary designer who completed a Bachelor of Product Design Engineering with honours at Swinburne University, graduating with distinction in 2019. Alexander has a keen eye for detail and is passionate about combining design and engineering methodology to develop captivating products for an ever-changing market and industry.

Daniel Port

Daniel graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Industrial Design in 2018. He is driven by his enthusiasm for design and a commitment to continuous learning. Daniel excels in merging form and function to craft visually appealing and practical products. His primary skills revolve around 3D CAD modelling and prototyping, tools he adeptly employs to push the boundaries of design and enhance user experiences. Daniel has a dedication to innovation and design, which continue to shape his path in the field.

Nick Atherinis

Nick is a versatile designer who earned a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design from RMIT University, graduating with distinction in 2018. Nick has a keen interest in sustainability, which he integrates into his design approach, ensuring that his creations are not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious. His strong attention to detail drives his enthusiasm for fusing design techniques to create products tailored for an evolving market and changing design landscape.

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