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Responsible thinking flows naturally

At Phoenix, we believe innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. In everything we envision, design and manufacture, we’re considering the future of that product, and the future of our planet.

As well as our design, sustainable principles are embedded in our processes to ensure we minimise our waste and our environmental impact.

Committed to efficient products

Our products are designed to save water and reduce energy bills. We invest in flow restrictors that control the amount of water used, such as our HydroSense technology, and many of our products carry a 6 Star WELS rating. Read more about our accreditations and standards.

Committed to cleaner manufacturing

By considering the composition of each component, we can do more to reduce our impact. That’s why we use ‘greener’ metals in our range of stainless steel that use less energy to manufacture, and in turn, require less energy to operate. This helps us to create a closed loop of sustainability from creation to end user.

Committed to reducing waste

We recycle all brass shavings and waste in own facility, and when we send a product into the market we ensure it’s packaged in
a way that can be recycled. We value the materials and energy that go into each product, and we’re proud to have created a proactive recycling culture in our workplace.

Committed to longevity

For us, one of the ultimate tests of sustainability is how long a product lasts. Our R&D department takes the utmost care and precision to ensure all factors are considered for durability before taking a product to market – and we back that product with a range of industry-leading warranties from one-year to a lifetime.