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Introducing LuxeXP™ Shower Spray Technology by Phoenix

Winner of a prestigious 2023 Red Dot Design Award for innovation in design, LuxeXP Showers seamlessly combine beauty, design and functionality, with a lifetime warranty. At the heart of LuxeXP Showers lies revolutionary patented* shower technology that leverages the power of the pressure swirl atomiser and Tesla valve to create a showering ritual like no other. This smart technology produces water droplets that envelop you in a full cascade. Inspired by nature and crafted with innovation to create a luxurious shower experience.
 *patent pending

Phoenix welcomes Kevin Bergman

Let us extend a warm welcome to Kevin Bergman, as he becomes a valuable member of the Phoenix team. At the same time, let us express our gratitude to Steve Jackson for his invaluable dedication and ongoing leadership to our company.

Phoenix launches the Cromford collection

Phoenix has released an exciting, new collection – Cromford – encompassing a unique product style that characterises history refined by contemporary design.

Phoenix announces The Curated Finishes Collection

Phoenix has launched a new showcase, The Curated Finishes Collection, highlighting their eight product finishes across all their design-driven tapware, showers and accessories collections. Each finish has its own palette with layers of tone and depth represented in an atmospheric style. This will inspire tapware selections based on aesthetics, with the additional benefit of the longevity and durability of Phoenix finishes.