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The Transition to Lead Free Tapware and Mixers – March 2024 Update 

Australia is phasing out the use of lead in tapware to safeguard your drinking water. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) has amended the National Construction Code (NCC) to limit the allowable lead content in brass plumbing products, which contain copper alloys and are intended for use in contact with drinking water, to a weighted average lead content of not more than 0.25%.  We are currently in the transition period for this change and by May 2026, all tapware and mixers will fall in line with this new Lead Free standard, significantly reducing your exposure to this metal. 

Building Rating Tools Relevance

Having Enviro316 mixers equipped with the GreenTag GreenRate Level A and Platinum Health certifications means that they hold relevance across various esteemed building rating systems.

How to Replace the Cartridge on a Nara Vessel Mixer

It’s not hard to see why this collection has won multiple awards, thanks to its organic, free-flowing design featuring a unique, open spout and a flush mixer handle. Nara’s natural, Zen-like aesthetic would not feel out of place in a relaxing Japanese bath house, but this collection works hard beneath the surface with Pivot Glide Technology, and is the first to feature our Vary-Flo Technology, allowing for easily adjustable water flow projection on installation. Nara offers the perfect symmetry of design excellence and innovative technology.

How to Check for Blockages on a Vessel Mixer

Created specifically to aid plumbers in the installation of our products, the Phoenix Tapware How to Install video series provides a handy visual guide to ensure correct assembly.