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A zen bathroom for healthy habits

A zen bathroom for healthy habits

Phoenix Tapware
Phoenix Tapware
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Wellbeing is strongly linked to happiness and life satisfaction and at Phoenix, we believe it all starts in our bathrooms.

 Our morning routine can have a big impact on our overall health and happiness, plus they’re the perfect space where style and sustainability meet. So, from tapware to tiling, it’s possible to choose products that offer excellent green credentials and help you feel good.

There are a number of ways to decorate a bathroom with a positive impact on your health. Let us show you our top tips to inject some wellbeing into your space.

Bring in a green aspect

Whether you choose a hanging plant inside or a view to a garden outside, adding greenery in your bathroom is a great way to promote good health. Greenery not only provides a welcome burst of nature, but also cleans the air by eliminating toxins – and that creates a positive impact on everyone in the family.

Our tip is the luscious fern growing in a pot, either on a windowsill or sitting on the bath surround. Another is the ever-popular indoor palm, which loves natural humidity from a steamy shower. If you don’t like looking after plants, a bathroom with a view to a garden is the next best thing. Boost your wellbeing without the maintenance – plus the lighting’s great!

Choose a better shower

A great shower makes you feel reinvigorated and refreshed, but now you can have a shower that’s also great for the environment. Our latest NX Iko and Orli shower ranges use HydroSense® technology that delivers a water spray unlike any other.

Patent Pending HydroSense® Water Spray Technology

These advanced shower heads speed up water flow 10 times faster than a conventional shower, so you can enjoy the immersive experience without the water wastage. There’s less buildup of debris in the nozzle too, making your shower’s life cycle more sustainable.

Don’t forget efficient tapware

Water efficiency extends to the choices we make in our taps and mixers too. To complete your healthy bathroom look, we have a variety of products with the maximum 6-star rating, because we understand that saving water is a big deal in Australia.

We recommend our Vivid Slimline Oval and Up, Cerchio and Rush mixer ranges, all with 6-star ratings. Use them simply for the best effect.

Or add a lick of paint

Finally, a good, old-fashioned colour change can do wonders for your bathroom. If your bathroom is decked out in outdated colours, motifs and patterns, try splashing some whites or light greys, which will create an illusion of space and open the door to other complementary materials, such as marble or gun metal finishes.

So, if your bathroom needs a Zen makeover, we’re all over it!

To view our HydroSense® range click here, or to find your closest stockist click here.

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