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Adele Bates talks emerging kitchen and bathroom trends

Adele Bates talks emerging kitchen and bathroom trends

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Adele Bates, the Melbourne-based director of the eponymously named design studio, pens her thoughts for Phoenix on how bathroom and kitchen designs are changing and some of the trends to watch out for.

Adele Bates portrait

As we spend more time in our homes, more than ever are kitchens and bathrooms playing a vital role in our daily experience.

Bathroom design is moving very steadily into the realm of luxury and tranquillity, emulating the look and feel of boutique hotels and spas. We are seeing a lot of soft grey tiles and stones with an emphasis on texture and tone.

NX Iko Shower Arm and Rose and Hand Shower

These soft tones are often contrasted with bespoke framing elements or feature lighting to help imbue the space with a sense of identity. The simplicity and elegance of Phoenix Tapware’s collections helps to complete and elevate the look; the vast offering of finishes means there is a tone to complement every aesthetic.

Vivid Slimline Oval

Natural stone is continuing to play a pivotal role in kitchen design and remains the focus in a bespoke kitchen. Once again, we are seeing a strong move towards textured finishes to bring unique slabs to life. We are also seeing a strong shift away from thick, heavy looking benchtop design, in favour of finer lines and more intricate detailing.

Vivid Slimline Sink Mixer Gooseneck

The design of kitchen joinery is highly personalised to ensure there is a drawer, a hook, a shelf for each and every utensil – organisation is key. Single bowl, large sinks continue to be extremely adaptable and functional and allow for a minimal look, while the kitchen mixer offers an opportunity to introduce a precious metal to complement and elevate the design.

Vivid Slimline Sink Mixer Gooseneck

The Adele Bates Studio

We chose the Vivid Slimline collection as the perfect range to elevate our design for a series of townhouses in North Melbourne. The fine lines and elegant form of the collection helped to offset the industrial bones of the architecture and highlight the refined elements of the interiors.

We chose a matte black finish for the tapware and accessories throughout, which helped to complement the black metalwork of the architecture and provide a seamless bridge between the architecture and interiors.

The Adele Bates Studio is continuously inspired by Phoenix’s commitment to quality and innovation. The design resolution achieved throughout the different ranges of product make it very easy for us to select a range to complement our interiors.

The vast offering of finishes and consistency of matching the finishes through the complete range of accessories help our designs to achieve a holistic and integrated aesthetic. We are drawn to the elegance and timeless appeal of the Phoenix collection and have a great deal of confidence putting them forward in our work.

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