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We spend a lot of time living in the future at Phoenix, designing innovative products for the houses yet to exist, or renovations and make-overs that are mere pipe-dreams. But occasionally it’s nice to reflect, and the start of a new year is a perfect time to do just that. In this article, we review some of 2018’s favourite finishes and what’s to come in 2019, the surprise come-back of an old tapware style and offer style advice you don’t want to ignore!

Vivid Slimline

Flourishing Finishes

Again, in 2018, no matter the tendencies to stray, chrome continues to reign as the most popular of the tapware finishes. It’s that ‘Classic Chrome’ thing that seems to be ever enduring. Chrome is a truly versatile finish as it works with a multitude of colour schemes and has truly withstood the test of time. With that said, there is a strong and growing love for coloured finishes.

Not many guesses required for the second in the running. Like Chanel’s ‘little black dress’, we’re all aware of how versatile black is, and of course the Matte Black tap ‘phase’ is now in fact a new reality. Matte Black was the first of our contemporary finishes to launch, so it’s no surprise that it is also our most Instagrammed and Pinned finish!

                                                                 Chrome                                                                                                                                               Matte Black

But before we settle too comfortably on those top two, there are others sneaking in very quickly and closely behind! Do not be late to the party when these fresh tones make their inevitable impact later this year!

Brushed Gold                                                                          Brushed Nickel                                                                                      Gun Metal

As for tapware, showers and accessory styles that were turning heads in 2018, we’ve created a list below that might offer some insight in to what is taking the top spot on renovator’s lists for this year.

Three Piece on the Repeat

With mixer taps well and truly the predominant and preferred tap mechanism of the last 3 decades, it was a very nice surprise when three-piece tapware re-entered the scene with an entirely new look. Remember those chunky three-piece taps that came in ivory, often with a little gold trim?

Well, Ivory and gold trims are out and so is the bulky casting of yesteryear. What we’re seeing now comes in a much neater, sleeker, modern package. These bad-boys have resurfaced, preferably on the wall, and preferably looking something like this:

Three piece taps
Vivid Slimline                                                                                        Toi                                                                                             Alia

Circular, Slim and Simple

This style is undeniably the most popular style of mixer taps. Its humble, elegantly crafted and relaxed.

With a minimal approach, the versatility of this style is suitable for any modern interior, or those requiring a few touch-ups to bring them into 2019. When you’re looking for simple, modern design, look no further than these:

Toi                                                                                                           Vivid Slimline                                                                                         Vivid Slimline Oval

Soft, Cubic and Self-Assured

Showered in affection by bathroom renovators last year, this style really emphasises right angle elements and the sharp lines and forms found in modern architecture. It is a careful mix of square edges and soft curves! Create the look with these Phoenix favourites:

Alia                                                                       Gloss                                             Lexi                                                                      Radii

If neither of those quite float your boat, this unique amalgamation of the two might? As a wise young woman once said, “por que no los dos”? (why not both?). Nothing beats the trend of versatile design. There’s the sneaker, a mix of casual and running footwear, the smartphone, putting all our communicative needs into one, and air con, giving us both heating and cooling climate control in one!

Combining the circular slims with solid cubes makes for a dynamic, fluid design style, suitable to whatever you’re wanting to achieve, whenever you want to achieve it – a real all-rounder if you will!

Teel                                                                                             Mekko                                                                                                                  Cerchio

Style warning: In the designer’s eye, there’s nothing more jarring than mis-matched styles. If you’re not choosing a neutral style, be sure to match your square tapware with square accessories, and your round tapware with round accessories, for a more harmonious overall look.

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