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Front Porch Properties: The perfect blend of modern conveniences and timeless charm

Front Porch Properties: The perfect blend of modern conveniences and timeless charm

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From her earliest memories sketching floor plans and dreaming up spaces that existed solely in her imagination, Rachael Turner has always had a passion for building.

Before Rachael’s love for building homes came to full realisation, she earned a degree in classical piano from the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and ran a successful music school for an entire decade. However, when her first ever renovated property sold on the day it went to market, her passion for building immediately reignited. Her Brisbane based business, Front Porch Properties, then formed through pure demand. “I could see that there was a gap in the market for what is now our signature design aesthetic” she says.

Rachael is an expert in honouring the beauty of traditional architecture, while bringing a fresh, and modern appeal to her projects. Now a multi-award-winning licensed Master Builder, Rachael’s projects are hugely popular for their unique farmhouse style.

Whether it was her background in classical music, or her childhood growing up in a small country town, Rachael says that “traditional homes have always spoken to [her] soul… I could see the need to fuse old with new, to blend the timeless appeal of older homes with modern conveniences.” This realisation gave rise to her business’ guiding philosophy: ’Modern Homes with Storybook Charm’.


Rachael Turner of Front Porch Properties

When it comes to choosing tapware fittings and accessories for their projects, Rachael says Phoenix product tick all the boxes. “We look for tapware that works with our timeless and classic design aesthetic and is both beautiful and functional.”

“We’ve had exceptional experiences collaborating with Phoenix on many projects… Whether we are looking for something a little more modern such as the Phoenix Vivid Slimline collection in Brushed Gold, that we used in our beautiful Coastal Luxe Bathroom project… or something more traditional like the classic Phoenix Cromford collection in Chrome, which we used at our latest Graceville Project, we are able to find the right fit for each of our designs.”


The ensuite at the Graceville project with the Cromford Twin Shower, Cromford Shower Mixer and Cromford Basin Mixer.

Speaking about the Graceville Project, Rachael explains why Phoenix’s Cromford collection made such a great fit. “In this project, the Cromford collection took centre stage in the elegant ensuite, gracing our classic-styled vanity and enclosed shower, which features the Cromford Twin Shower as well as a separate Cromford Hand Shower… Another highlight was the Cromford Exposed Sink Set that featured in the laundry, embodying a classic style that worked seamlessly with our overall design aesthetic. We absolutely love how these Phoenix products add a touch of refinement to our projects.”


Phoenix Cromford Exposed Sink Set in Chrome, is the functional showpiece of the Graceville project laundry

Being a female in a male dominated industry doesn’t faze Rachael at all. “I love being a female in this industry. As a woman led business, we bring a distinctive and special perspective to the market. Our ability to connect with the female client, often the primary decision-maker in household matters, allows us to understand and interpret their ideas from the outset.”

“One of the areas we really excel in at Front Porch Properties, is our ability to identify market gaps and discern what’s missing or in high demand.” For instance, Rachael saw that her female clients really wanted to be part of the design decisions. “They are sharing concepts, Pinterest boards, and thoughts about how their home should function.”

As a business, they also begun to recognise the need for modern shaker-style cabinetry with a hand-painted finish. As Rachael puts it, “this style exudes English charm, which we just love. We seized the opportunity to introduce this style to the Australian market… So, we began the process of establishing modular and fully customisable Cabinetry by Front Porch Properties.” You can also find a whole shop of beautiful doors, hinges and handles on the Front Porch Property website.


The Cromford Basin Mixer with the Cromford Towel Rail complement the other period features of this bathroom by Front Porch Properties

Rachael knows the importance of fixtures and fittings better than most. “A home wouldn’t be complete without beautiful fittings.” From carriage-style garage doors to cathedral ceilings, wainscotting and cosy window seats, Front Porch Properties has well and truly established itself as a maker of charm-filled dream homes. “The result is a sophisticated, simplified version of a traditional home — a perfect blend of the modern and the timeless, free from clutter and chaos, yet rich in character.”

Earlier this year, Rachael won the National Crystal Vision Award at the National Association of Women in Construction. The success of Front Porch Properties and their continuous growth, stands as a testament to their passion, dedication, and strategic planning.

“We are proud of the massive things we are doing within the construction industry; forging our own path, doing things differently, shaking things up, and filling many gaps in the market, so it feels really special to be recognised for that.”

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