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Fusing 5-star hospitality into the fitness industry – AF Training Studios

Fusing 5-star hospitality into the fitness industry – AF Training Studios

Phoenix Tapware
Phoenix Tapware
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When it comes to luxury spaces, the gym isn’t the first place that springs to mind, but Lisa Faithfull, owner of LA Faithfull Designs, has created a workout space on Melbourne’s Collins Street that takes you on a sleek, dark and sophisticated journey.

When Lisa Faithfull’s husband decided to open up a private training studio, she had an immediate vision for the design of the space. Inspired by luxury spas and resorts and the feelings they evoke in their customers, Faithfull wanted to create a calm, private space.

“My background as a musician really comes to play in my designs as I almost design a space with a soundtrack in mind,” she says.  “I knew in the Collins Street spaces, particularly in the bathrooms, that I would feature a gorgeous soundtrack of calming Lofi Japanese beats drifting through, which really inspired the dark, moody palette in the bathroom space.”

Rush Wall Basin Mixer Set

Named AF Training Studio, the private gym is located in the heritage Olderfleet buildings in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Built between 1887 and 1889, the buildings encompass varying Gothic and Romanesque Victorian architecture, including original copper work piping which Faithfull drew upon for her design.

Copper features throughout the whole space and clever nods to this can be found in the consult room, refreshments station and a in the centre piece of the space a custom design copper drinking fountain designed by Faithfull.

“The whole space was particularly dark, and I really wanted to breathe some life into the bathrooms, which would also tie with my reception area that features my custom copper work drinks fountain. Considering you spend a lot of time in a shower space I wanted something artsy and interesting for clients to look at, you can really get lost staring at it, it’s almost like a cloudscape above your head,” she says.

The bathrooms feature dark grey and black tiles, concrete vanities and matte black Phoenix tapware, which also features in the original AF Training Studios on Melbourne’s King Street.

“I knew I wanted to feature the same tap and shower ware as the original studio because my clients really love the look and vibe of Phoenix products, so for the Collins Street studios, the tapware was the first thing I ordered.

“They add to the clean crisp vibe I love while feeling luxurious to touch and also looking expensive. I needed a shower head that looked good repeated seven times in a row and that had a modern yet timeless elegance and the Lexi Twin Shower is perfect.”

Faithfull paired the Lexi Twin Showers with Rush Shower/Wall Mixers and chose Rush Wall Basin Mixer Sets for the sinks.

“I love the texture and luxe nature of Phoenix products,” adds Faithfull. “I knew all along I wanted to use Matte Black fixtures and fittings as a staple in my studios; they had to feel good in the client’s hand as well as look and feel expensive.

“I chose Rush for its clean line and the Lexi Twin Shower for the size of the shower head, as it allows clients to enjoy a luxurious, immersive shower.”

Interior Design: LA Faithfull Designs
Products: Lexi Twin Shower, Rush Shower/Wall Mixer and Rush Wall Basin Mixer Set 230mm all in Matte Black.

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