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Get connected with Phoenix’s BIM content

Get connected with Phoenix’s BIM content

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Phoenix Tapware has partnered with Australia’s leading BIM content creation provider, IGS BIM Solutions, to develop one of Australia’s most in-depth Revit content libraries for Tapware, Showers and Bathroom Accessories.

BIM files

The library is available to download from the Phoenix Tapware website, and via UNIFI ‘Connect’ to users of UNIFI’s cloud-based Revit content management platform.

Phoenix engaged IGS as their strategic partner to offer a library that provides considerable value to designers seeking to specify and document Phoenix Tapware’s products. End-user experience and requirements, as well as development consistency, were important considerations in the creation of this Revit content.

Phoenix Tapware’s Revit library has been created 100% natively in Revit – in both ‘Face-Based’ and ‘Non-Hosted’ formats – using ANZRS (Australia & NZ Revit Standards) as a primary reference for creation methodologies. Phoenix Tapware’s Revit families have been developed with high attention to detail in areas such as Product Data integration, Levels of Detail (C/M/F), Reference Planes, application of Materials, Family and Shared Parameters, Subcategories, 2D linework, Origin Points, Family / Type Naming, Classification and File Size.

In addition to providing Revit families, Phoenix Tapware also provides Revit Project Files (.RVTs) with all Families and Family Types loaded into the project. These project files (sometimes referred to as ‘Virtual Showrooms’) are a great way for designers to view the product ranges in their entirety and to see how the families document in a project environment.

To access this great Revit library, please visit the Phoenix Tapware website or visit the UNIFI’s online portal.

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