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Get the look: Sculptural and Organic Curves at Home

Get the look: Sculptural and Organic Curves at Home

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Taking inspiration from nature and applying this to architectural and interior design, known as biophilia, is not new. Today, sculptural and organic elements are embraced to create soft and gentle living spaces. These curves are evidenced in the structure of our buildings, right through to our fixtures and fittings, including tapware and furniture.

Biophilia refers to the desire of humans to connect with nature. When talking about biophilia in relation to architecture and interior design, we look primarily at how external elements can be bought into commercial or residential building.

Introducing biophilic elements in architecture and interior design is not something that is new. Before the phrase was even coined in the 1970s, architects had begun embracing the principles of biophilia. Frank Lloyd Wright’s famous “Fallingwater” house was built partly over a waterfall in Pennsylvania in the 1930s and is a classic example. And Japanese Architecture has historically recognised the need for harmony between buildings and nature for centuries.



Frank Llyod Wright’s “Fallingwater”


Today, incorporating elements of biophilic design is typically bought about by introducing elements such as natural light and greenery, as a basic start. However, we are seeing the indirect experience of nature encompassed in the design, fixtures and fittings of our homes. An earth-toned colour palette, naturalistic shapes and elements that mimic the curves of our landscapes are becoming highly sought-after design elements of a home.

Biophilia in building structures

The design trend of minimalism is softened with the introduction of organic shapes. A beautiful example of this can be seen in Birch Tree House by Susi Leeton Architecture + Interiors. The sculptural element of the entrance hall staircase creates a gentle yet striking flow in this family home. There are no harsh lines, just soft curves such as those found in nature, which evoke feelings of calm and serenity.


Birch Tree House by Susi Leeton Architecture + Interiors
Photo – Felix Mooneram


Elwood Residence by Adele Bates.  Photography Dave Kulesza.  Featuring Phoenix Teel Wall Basin Mixer Set


The curves of nature in our bathrooms

Our bathrooms are incorporating various biophilic features. Natural light streams in through skylights. Free-standing baths have rounded edges and sculptural, organic shapes. Hand basins have gentle curves. Even our tapware is reflecting our desire to connect to nature.

The Nuage collection from Phoenix draws design inspiration from natural and earthen elements, coming together to blur the lines between fabricated and organic. The collection adds a modern, sculptural edge to a bathroom with softly curved, artisanal pieces, featuring outlets, mixers, showers and accessories.

Ban Liu, Design Lead at Phoenix, conceptualized Nuage on a visit to the pebble beach of Seven Stars Bay, in his native Taiwan. Ban explains the philosophy behind the creation of Nuage. The shape and form of the Nuage collection is organic and sculptural, drawing inspiration from those smooth pebbles from the Seven Star Bay, yet efficiency in function remains paramount. These factors combine to create an aesthetic that transcends style trends and gives impetus to interior specifiers to bring the refined lines of Nuage into their bathroom designs.

Seven Stars Bay, Taiwan. Photo taken by Phoenix Design Lead, Ban Liu


Phoenix Nuage Wall Basin / Bath Mixer Set 200mm in Matte White finish


Phoenix Nuage Vessel Mixer, Single Towel Rail and Shower Shelves and  in Matte White


Organic form in furniture

Moving into our living rooms, furniture is also taking on arched and rounded contours and is one of the hottest design trends of 2022. Couches and armchairs that embrace circular form and follow the curves of our landscapes, imbue a sense of calm and encourage human interaction. Colours and textures look to the tranquil tones of nature for inspiration.

Sculptural and organic curves, referencing biophilic design elements, are here in a new 2022 version and we are all benefiting from the sense of sophisticated calm that they are bringing to our homes.


Flow Circular Sofa by Zuster


Lemmy Modular Sofa by Jardan
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