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Interior style trends – The Australian Modern Farmhouse look

Interior style trends – The Australian Modern Farmhouse look

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The Australian Modern Farmhouse interior design trend is a style that combines the classic elements of a traditional farmhouse with contemporary elements to create a modern look. This design trend features a mix of rustic and refined materials, such as natural timber, metal, and stone, paired with sleek lines and minimalist details.

The color palette of the Australian Modern Farmhouse style, typically includes neutral shades, such as white, beige and grey variations, along with organic greens – sage, eucalypt and olive. These can be accented with black and natural timber tones. Textures play a big role in this style, with materials like linen, wool, and jute being commonly used.

Image credit – Natalie Walton


When considering bathrooms, the Australian Modern Farmhouse design trend features a clean, bright, and airy feel with a focus on functionality and comfort. It utilises a blend of rustic and refined elements that create a warm and inviting space.

The use of the soft organic colour palette creates a calming and serene environment and natural materials such as natural stone tiles, timber vanities and ceramic sinks are a hallmark of this style. Vintage or antique accents, such as a clawfoot bath, can add character and charm to the space.

Phoenix Cromford Basin Bath Set and Hand Towel Holder in Brushed Gold


The Cromford Collection by Phoenix encompasses a unique product style that characterises history refined by contemporary design. The Phoenix in-house design team has thoughtfully crafted a collection that reflects modern-day sensibilities. Pared back and uncomplicated in design, with a nod to history in their finer detail. Available in tapware and mixers, showers and accessories, Cromford allows the designer to create a cohesive feel through the bathroom. The collection is the perfect complement to the Modern Farmhouse style.

Phoenix Cromford Collection in Brushed Gold 


Matte black and Brushed Gold tapware are popular choices for this design trend, as they add a touch of modern sophistication and contrast with natural materials.  Using other metallic finishes such as Chrome or Brushed Nickel can add interest and depth to the space.  All four of these finishes are available in the Cromford collection.

In kitchens, the Australian Modern Farmhouse style typically showcases warm timber cabinetry and stone benchtops.  Open shelving is a common feature, adding a touch of rustic charm and allowing for easy access to frequently used items. Modern appliances are seamlessly integrated into the design, with sleek, minimalist finishes that complement the overall aesthetic.

Kitchen sink mixers should complement the overall aesthetic of the space. For instance, a traditional bridge-style exposed sink set adds industrial charm to the space while still maintaining a clean and modern look.  The Cromford Exposed Sink Set is the perfect example of this style.

Phoenix Cromford Sink Mixer in Brushed Nickel 


When choosing a kitchen sink mixer for an Australian Modern Farmhouse kitchen, it’s important to consider the balance between traditional and contemporary elements, while also ensuring that the fixture is practical and functional for everyday use.

The Australian Modern Farmhouse style is a blend of rustic and refined elements that create a warm and inviting space that’s both stylish and functional. It’s a style that celebrates the beauty of natural materials and combines them with contemporary design elements to create a comfortable and timeless living space.

Image Credit – Natalie Walton
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