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Minimalism maxes out in the bathroom

Minimalism maxes out in the bathroom

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Minimalism is a great way of living with less, and one of the best places to showcase the trend is in the bathroom.


Have you noticed what’s happening in our homes lately? A refined return of design minimalism, thanks in part to Netflix’s ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’ series earlier this year. Minimalism is a great way of living with less, and one of the best places to showcase the trend is in the bathroom. Here, it’s possible to create a sense of serenity by removing the clutter, but also rethinking fittings, fixtures and palettes.

Ortho Collection in Matte Brushed Nickel

Success requires careful editing and curating without compromising functionality, so, if you’re up for creating the perfect minimalist bathroom, here are our best insights:

Clean and strict lines

To create minimalist harmony in the bathroom, a good rule of thumb is to strip back each element. Generally speaking, the less materials used, the calmer the space will feel. For example, black fixtures contrasted against white tiling can result in a crisp and clean feel without feeling clinical.

Or simply choosing just one colour or material can achieve a unified look. Another idea is floating cabinets and wall-mounted toilets, which will keep floors free from obstructions and add a seamless line of sight throughout the space.

NX OrliNX Orli with HydroSense® Rail Shower in Matte Black

Seek out special fixtures

How about replacing old-fashioned fittings with modern ones? Think carefully about how new fixtures could work within the overall room. For example, a Brushed Gold finish in tapware can create a striking look against grey tiles, or Brushed Nickel can exude a subtle warmth that works beautifully in a minimalist setting.

Furthermore, products that are toned down will pair well with the more neutral colours favoured by minimalism. Our tip is to avoid any materials that appear too ‘flashy’. Products that are shiny, glossy or bright are the enemy of minimalism!

AxiaAxia Collection in Brushed Nickel

A play on nature

If you successfully declutter your bathroom with smarter storage solutions, it leaves some space to have a little fun. With nature as a key principle of the minimalist tradition, you can inject some sustainability influence in your bathroom using authentic materials.

For example, if you are lucky enough to have a skylight, decorate the space with a touch of greenery and offset it against marble tiling and clean lines of your tapware and basin. You could also choose a freestanding bathtub with a bulbous shape, that echoes a sensuous flower shape.

Of course, our favourite rule when it comes to the bathroom is simply to own it. Be bold and confident in your choices and know that the minimalist look will always be in fashion. And if you get it right, you’ll have a perfect place of peace whenever you need it too.

Alia collectionAlia Collection in Brushed Nickel
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