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Modernist bathrooms – the trend that’s here to stay

Modernist bathrooms – the trend that’s here to stay

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There are some design trends that come and go – avocado bathroom suites for instance (thankfully!) – but one trend that is here to stay is modernist bathroom design.

Centred around a simple, clean, minimalistic look and feel, modernist design features geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines and neutral colours. Here’s how you can embrace the trend.

Go minimalistic

To create minimalist harmony in the bathroom, a good rule of thumb is to strip back each element. Generally speaking, the simpler the space, the calmer it will feel.

Make sure that you keep your bathroom open and free of clutter – opt for floating cabinets and wall-mounted toilets, which will keep floors free from obstruction and add a seamless line of sight throughout the space. Similarly, built-in shelving and cabinetry is great way to tuck away toiletries and personal items.

For tiles and backsplashes choose geometric shapes to add interest and character without sacrificing minimalistic design.

Nara Vessel Mixer

Get the lighting right

Choosing the correct lighting is a crucial part of modernist bathroom design. Remember, the style is all about lines and geometric shapes, so keep that in mind when shopping for light fixtures or windows and consider the placement of lighting.

The quality of the light is just as important as the actual light fixture – skylights are a fresh and functional design addition for modern bathrooms as they add more natural light and visual interest.

Add a freestanding bathtub

Freestanding tubs are a staple for modern bathroom designs. Balance is key, so keep things symmetrical and sharp by strategically placing your tub in a spot that enhances the flow of your bathroom.

Traditionally, bathtubs are the familiar oval shape, however a rectangular or pedestal tub can make your bathroom look and feel more modern.

Radii Floor Mounted Bath Mixer and Vessel Mixer

Experiment with texture

To create a modern bathroom that is both contemporary and warm, bringing in natural materials is key. Adding wooden accents into a sleek, cool-toned scheme is a brilliant way to add texture and interest to a modern bathroom without compromising its minimalist feel.

You could also choose textured tiles such as encaustic cement tiles that have an inlaid pattern or subway tiles that are now available longer, leaner, and textured and look more like a glazed brick.

Seek out special fixtures

Strong and bold linear lines are the way to go for tapware when creating your modernist bathroom but think carefully about how new fixtures could work within the overall room.

For example, a Brushed Gold finish in tapware can create a striking look against grey tiles, or Brushed Nickel can exude a subtle warmth that works beautifully in a minimalist setting. Products that are toned down will pair well with the more neutral colours favoured by minimalism.

A great option is our new Lexi MKII collection. Its lines are based on a composition of two simple geometric structures – the cylindrical bodies and rectangular forms of the pin handle and spout create a harmonious design that blends comfortably in any modern setting.

Lexi MKII Basin Mixer
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