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Phoenix’s best kitchen layout and design ideas

Phoenix’s best kitchen layout and design ideas

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So, you’re designing a kitchen, and you have a million questions? Here are Phoenix’s top tips for some of the best kitchen layout and design ideas. And yes, we’ve got some kitchen sink and tapware advice too!

But first, kitchen layout ideas
The ‘kitchen functional triangle’ was an idea developed in the early twentieth century and is still the best foundation to work from when designing a kitchen today. The idea is that the three main workstations in a kitchen – the sink, fridge, and stove – should all form a neat triangle. As a rule, the distance between them should be no less than one metre and no larger than three. Not only does this guide make it easier to move between each work station, but it also allows for more people in the kitchen, speeds up meal prep times, and makes carrying items between each station far safer.
Extra tip: Ideally the fridge door should open toward the centre of the triangle!


The kitchen functional triangle at work in this beautiful kitchen by Nala Design and Orbis Construction.  Photography – Dylan James.  Featuring the Phoenix Prize Flexible Coil Sink Mixer in Brushed Nickel


And now to the fun part – kitchen design ideas
The kitchen is where we both start and end our days and is affectionately known by many as the heart of the home. So, it’s important to consider what elements beyond the layout can lead to a kitchen’s aesthetic appeal and functionality. We break down our best kitchen design ideas and tips below.

Recently, homes have been designed with a layered approach to lighting, meaning there are multiple sources of light to create maximum functionality. These can include, general lighting, perimeter lighting, accent lighting, task lighting, and architectural enhancement lighting. Rather than soaking the entire space in one single extra bright and unsightly light, layering is both mood-setting and functional. This works especially well in the kitchen when you’re only needing to light certain areas and is fantastic for early mornings while your eyes are adjusting and at night when you’re getting ready to switch off. It’s even handy for dinner parties, and special moments like lighting the candles on a birthday cake. Lighting is a mood setter, so having multiple options means you can set the mood to suit yours!
Extra tip: opt for warm lighting. There is nothing less homely than the cold white lighting you’d expect to find in a supermarket!


Flush mount lighting above the island bench is both functional task lighting, and a design highlight.  The brushed gold complementing the Phoenix Vivid Slimline Pull Out Sink Mixer in Brushed Gold


Kitchen Cabinetry
Kitchens are often the space for multi-tasking and the cabinetry can play a huge role in making these experiences as stress-free as possible. Push open and close doors, or soft close doors have been proving super functional in kitchen spaces. A pared-back cabinet design, either with push open or recessed handles, not only look great, but are extremely easy to clean without the need to get in and around any handles.
Extra tip: Carefully plan where all the cupboard doors will open and what they’ll block off or bang into. You don’t want to have your kitchen installed only to realise the corner cupboard doesn’t open because the handle of another cupboard is in the way!


Kitchen sink and accessories
The kitchen sink is usually on show and something that is extremely important in the functional running of a kitchen. For these reasons, we recommend the Phoenix 5000 Series Sinks. Not only do they come in gorgeous Matte White and Matte Black finish options, but with their quartz and resin noise reducing composition, they are both durable and elegant. They come in a double bowl sink option and include an overflow opening to prevent overspill. They can be mounted above, below, or flush with the benchtop and come with a stainless-steel waste and cover. Better yet, streamlining kitchen workflow has never been easier with our range of accessories. The chopping boards, stainless steel colander, benchtop drainer tray, and wire basket, all provide increased functionality and make cleaning more efficient. Phoenix also has 1000, 2000 and 4000 Series sink collections, so be sure to browse through them all to find the one that suits your builds’ needs and style best.


The Phoenix 5000 Series Double Bowl Sink in Matte White, paired with the Phoenix Erlen Squareline Sink Mixer in Brushed Gold


Kitchen tap
The kitchen tap can be a bit of a showstopper if you let it. With the Phoenix Designer Sink Mixers collection, functionality is enhanced with features such as pull out extendable hoses for extra reach, as well as 360 degree swivel capabilities for greater water direction and control. Created by our dedicated in-house design team, they are available in multiple finishes and in many unique designs. You can rest assured that regardless of which Phoenix tap you choose, you’ll be able to create a fantastic aesthetic in your kitchen with maximum functionality. You can also select a sink mixer from within a cohesive collection, seamlessly complementing the entire home with our expansive range of tapware, showers, and accessories. Whether the more modern style of the Vivid Slimline Pull Out Sink Mixer, or the classic look of the Cromford Sink Mixer suits your design best, it’s easy to find the right Phoenix sink mixer to fit your  space and design sensibilities. Supported by a 15-year warranty, our kitchen taps showcase superior craftmanship and manufacturing, with quality finishes and solid brass construction.


The Phoenix 4000 Series Double Bowl Sink in Stainless Steel, paired with the Mekko Sink Mixer in Brushed Nickel


Kitchen storage and organisation
There are so many ways to approach kitchen storage and organisation, but it is very dependent on space. Ideally, you want to make sure you’re using all the allotted space in the most functional way possible. For some, that could be a walk-in butler’s pantry, for others that could be a pull-out pantry with shelves. Obviously, Island benches are an amazing 360˚ opportunity for storage.
Extra tip – don’t forget our hand towel holders or robe hooks as a way to hang tea towels or pot holders in your kitchen.  And bonus points – many of our Sink Mixers come with these complementary accessories.
For example, the Nostalgia Exposed Sink Set with Shepherds Crook, can be complemented with the Nostalgia Hand Towel Holder for your tea towels and Nostalgia Robe Hooks for your pot holders.

So many ideas!  Best of luck on your new kitchen adventure.



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