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The Phoenix guide to finishes

The Phoenix guide to finishes

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It wasn’t all that long ago that when it came to tapware, there were only two choices of finishes: chrome or gold. Although these classic finishes are still popular, home decorators now have a much wider choice of finishes for their tapware, whether it be for a traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, provincial, or retro interior space.

Today, finishes aren’t just about colour and tone – surface textures add to the detailing and you can select from brushed or smooth, shiny or matte. Read on for our guide.

What’s in a Phoenix colour finish?

To us, it’s simple. We select the best combinations of finish processes using the latest technology and durability standards to provide you with the highest quality finishes for any interior design. As a result, each finish is expertly crafted so you have peace of mind that your product will last long into the future. Mixed or matched, you’ll always find the ideal fit, fitting or fixture backed by our extensive finishes warranty.

Explore our tap finishes range:


Versatile and flexible, chrome is one of our most classic finishes. Not only does chrome suit a wider variety of colours used within the bathroom, but also will complement overall schemes and textures, including timber shelving, stone benches, or a monochromatic black and white palette.


Brushed Nickel

Soft and satin, our brushed nickel adds a toned-down, pared back as part of our contemporary finish collection. It has a warm, soft metallic appearance with surface brushed lines, which suits white and light coloured granite or marble, as well as stainless steel sinks.


Matte Brushed Nickel

One of our unique finishes showcased in our internationally award-winning Ortho collection. Pairing a matte finish to the brushed nickel and creating a beautifully soft look.


Gun Metal

Creating a cool aesthetic, gun metal is part of our contemporary range of finishes. For sleek spaces, it offers a softer, matte finish that pairs well with white or grey tones, but can also be warmed up with neutral colours, timber or brick in keeping with a modern look.


Matte Black

Confident and stylish, matte black is a finish designed to make a statement. It complements bold, monochromatic environments but flourishes in bright and colourful surroundings too. If pairing with a lot of white, try using a touch of timber to tone down the styling.


Brushed Gold

Flawlessly on-trend, our brushed gold is part of our contemporary range of finishes. Taking styling to a new level, it’s a warm tone with soft surface lines and a gentle metallic hue, providing for a truly modern take on traditional gold finishes for contemporary spaces styled with other soft metallic finishes.


Chrome / Matte Black

One of our unique split finishes, chrome/matte black pairs two classic tones to create an unforgettably dramatic look within the bathroom space. The dual tones double the flexibility, while adding masses of style.


Matte Black / Brushed Rose Gold

One of our unique split finishes, the dusty pink, metallic tone of this finish makes for a bold statement with a softer edge. Well suited to a grey, neutral colour palette.


Cool Grey

A smooth, sleek finish for tapware to coordinate seamlessly with either lighter or darker on-trend grey tones used elsewhere in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry.


Blush Pink

This is all about bringing the warmth, softness and elegance of stylish pink into the home, with a variety of options of tapware solutions that exude personality and punch.



A new take on traditional beige tones, our oatmeal offers a more textured finish to provide an extra layer of nuance to the bathroom space, complementing neutral white or brown tones.


Sage Green

Referencing nature and the environment with style and elegance, our sage green is on trend and pairs seamlessly with grey, white and black tones to create a sumptuous space.


Powder Blue

Why reserve colour only for walls when you can choose our warm, soft and inviting powder blue to elevate your space into something very special, and an incredibly soothing experience.

Whatever your desired look, Phoenix Tapware has something to suit you. Need more inspiration? Take a look at our Gallery Page to see how you can use finishes to complete your home.

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