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The Transition to Lead Free Tapware and Mixers – March 2024 Update for Merchant and Specifier partners

The Transition to Lead Free Tapware and Mixers – March 2024 Update for Merchant and Specifier partners

Phoenix Tapware
Phoenix Tapware

Your more detailed questions answered

What will the transition to Lead Free mean for my business?

Phoenix is committed to transitioning affected products to Lead Free with our partners. The phase-out of current products and introduction of Lead Free alternatives will occur over the coming months, aiming to have all Phoenix Lead Free product available by the end of 2025, prior to the official cut-off date of May 2026. We anticipate resolving stockholding matters by that date and encourage merchants to discuss intentions and concerns with their Account Manager.

How will we order Phoenix Lead Free products once they have transitioned to Lead Free?

Phoenix product codes will have a -1 at the end to indicate that they are a certified Lead Free product with the new Lead Free Watermark trademark.  As a result, products will have a new code, and a new EAN Barcode that will require updating on all systems, specifications, orders and websites. The introduction of this code will enable better logistical management of the Phoenix Lead Free roll out.

In addition to this, please note we will also be simultaneously updating our alpha finish codes (i.e. CHR, MB etc) to our numeric finish codes (i.e. -00, -10,-40 etc) as the relevant products transition to Lead Free

For example –

Product Name Current Product Code Proposed Lead Free Code
Arlo Vessel Mixer 151-7900-00 151-7900-00-1
Vido Flexible Hose Sink Mixer 113-7110-00 113-7110-00-1
Cromford Sink Mixer 134-7330-12 134-7330-12-1
Vivid Slimline Sink Mixer 220mm Gooseneck VS733 CHR VS733-00-1
Vivid Slimline Basin Mixer VS770 CHR VS770-00-1

Please note, that in the transition to Lead Free Tapware & Mixers, WELS ratings will not change.

To update your system, please contact your Account Manager or email  [email protected], and we will complete any necessary submission forms or provide the relevant information.

What is the best way for our team to keep informed about the Phoenix transition to Lead Free Tapware & Mixers?

  • Visit our Lead Free website page for the latest product listing updates.
  • Download our “Lead Free product update and current availability” document here.
  • Read our regular Sales Pack distributed bi-monthly to all merchants and trade (contact us at [email protected] if you would like to be added to the distribution list)
  • Contact our Marketing Team via [email protected] for any submission form requirements or product lists.

As a merchant, what should our team do to make this transition as smooth as possible?

  • Ensure you have measures in place to work through any stock you are holding.
  • Update your system to include the new Lead Free codes, as they become available.
  • Update project specifications to include new codes for projects commencing construction after May 1st 2026.
  • Regularly check our website to keep updated on which products are available.  (You can also use the Lead Free filter in our drop down menu)
  • Read our regular Sales Packs to ensure you are kept up to date.
  • Download our “Lead Free product update and current availability” document.
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