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Trend watch: why pastels are the new neutral

Trend watch: why pastels are the new neutral

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Gone are the days of bathrooms where whiskey colour tap handles and garishly busy patterns were the norm. Today’s modern bathroom is all about minimalist style, clean lines and sophisticated feature elements.

Enter pastels, the new colour trend that’s changing the game when it comes to bathroom design. Pastels are being hailed by designers as a ‘new neutral’ and they’re sparking a quiet revolution right now on the international design stage.

Here are our top five reasons why we’re obsessed with pastel perfection and its edgy twist on colour and neutrals.

So many ways to embrace the trend

Pastels are so versatile! With a wide variety of colours and finishes you can easily introduce soft colour pops in dreamy shades of pink, blue and green to perfectly complement classic white, black and grey tones. Whether that’s a feature wall, tapware, tiling or cabinetry, pastels add understated elegance and character to any bathroom.

Perfect for pairings

To coincide with the resurgence of pastels we’ve created a stunning new range of tapware – called Zimi – that takes pastel perfection to the next level. With its huge palette and dynamic visual appeal, the colour options include three distinct styles – neutrals, pastel colours and classic metallics.

Zimi is a perfect example of how pastels work beautifully with neutrals and metallics. With so many options you can personalise your home with your own combination of shades and finishes, and pair back with complementary textures and patterns.

Subtle but still packing a punch

Pastels can vary in tone and depth but it’s the softness of pastels that adds a sophisticated edge. Stylish but understated, you can introduce one or more pastels throughout a bathroom design, or stick to a single shade used lightly as a feature element.

Go big or go bold

Depending on your style, pastels don’t have to be subtle at all. In fact, they are perfect for making a bold statement through feature walls and tiling, using shades of pastel prettiness for colour pops on small sections or full walls.

Unique and individual

Versatile and open to interpretation, pastels are perfect for adding your own style and creating a one-off look for your home, and it’s no accident that our Zimi range, with pastel handles, is a little bit different to anything we’ve seen before. It was designed specifically to allow you to inject your own individual personality into your bathroom or even kitchen style. And sure to be a talking point with visitors!

Explore the Zimi range here

The pastel revival is in full flight and it’s the perfect time to jump on this colour trend and put a unique, creative spin on your home.
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