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More Than a Finishing Touch

December 09th, 2016

The Past
In the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom, function has traditionally ruled over form, especially where tapware was concerned. A piece was chosen to withstand the rigours of heavy use, and if it matched the appliances, that was an added bonus. It used to be that your tapware finish was predetermined: silver, and silver alone. Or gold, if you were trendy.

The Present
But the kitchen is no longer a place of pure meal preparation. The modern kitchen is highly functional, personally styled, and open plan, serving as a hub of socialisation for families. They are increasingly used as entertaining spaces, so much so that some homes have adopted the concept of a ‘butler’s pantry’, so that the entertaining kitchen is separate from the primary meal preparation area.
The idea of this social space begs for strong design choices. Tapware is no longer an afterthought– it’s on display and primed to make a stylish statement.

From the perennially popular Chrome, with its unmatched versatility, to dramatic Matte Black, you now have the ability to choose a finish that both matches and enhances your space.

Our newest additions give you even greater freedom. Our Brushed Nickel finish has a soft and subtle tone and it pairs well with textures such as marble or stone, and is a perfect addition to an understated colour scheme.

Gun Metal is another new addition to our range. By name, it sounds harsh, but the matte finish can be a soft, sophisticated partner to anything from timber to brick.

At Phoenix we pride ourselves on modern design. Now you can also choose a finish that compliments the way you live from our Contemporary Finishes Collection.

The Future
At Phoenix we pride ourselves on our investment in product quality and the future of tapware design. When you choose a product from Phoenix, you can be assured that we have sourced the finest materials and used the best manufacturing processes.

We are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our processes or searching for new design possibilities, and our current product offering is truly a testament to this. Now you can not only select a stylish tapware design, you can also choose a finish that enhances the look of your kitchen or bathroom, from our Contemporary Finishes Collection.