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Tips For Accessorizing Your Bathroom

February 18th, 2020

Whether undertaking an existing bathroom renovation or designing a brand new bathing sanctuary, bathroom accessories, such as towel rails, heated towel ladders and shower shelves, are a fantastic way to add functionality and breathe life into your room.

When renovating or planning a new bathroom, it’s often easy to overlook the finer details that are not part of the main design features. When selected well, this small detailing will blend seamlessly with the look and feel of the space, however if they are chosen poorly your bathroom will look out of balance.

Our first tip, when considering your bathroom accessories, is to take your time and not make those snap decisions we are all guilty of when we are tired, have already spent a lot of time making renovation decisions and just want to get out of the store and go home. Spend time considering how many robe hooks you might need or whether or not you need a hand towel holder, it will be worth it in the end.

Secondly, we suggest choosing your bathroom tapware first. There is no rule that states that you need to match your bathroom accessories to your tapware, however it does make the whole process easier and you are guaranteed to get a more complete look. Matching shapes, colours, forms and textures can create rhythm and unity, ensuring a comfortable and flowing space.

Phoenix Tapware Bathroom Accessories

Photo: Armanti Tiles and Bathware

When shopping online, or in a retail store, take note of the bathroom tapware collection names and the shape of each design, whether it be square, rounded or feature sharp edges. These are simple ways to pair your taps with your bathroom accessories and achieve this unified look.

Phoenix Tapware Bathroom Accessories

Photo: Review Interiors

Lastly, and most importantly is functionality. We spend time each and every day in our bathroom, it is one of the most used rooms in the house, so functional design and accessories are vital to the performance and comfort of this room.

The next time you use your bathroom, take note of the various functions in the room and jot down the things you do and don’t like for reference in your renovation plans. For example, do you like to have your bath towels hanging within reaching distance of the shower, or do you hang your towels over the shower screen before you hop in?

Phoenix has recently released a number of new bathroom accessories. Check out our new Radii collection toothbrush holders and toilet brush holders here or our brand new collection of Lexi accessories here. They come in both a round and square plate design and can be matched with our Radii or Lexi collection basin, shower and bath tapware.


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