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Seven design tips for children’s bathrooms

Seven design tips for children’s bathrooms

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Kid’s bathrooms are undeniably high-traffic, hard-working spaces. Whether your children are tots or teens, or in between, here’s how you can future proof your bathroom for a fast-growing family.

The biggest factor when designing a children’s bathroom is to consider longevity. As you know, they grow fast, so you don’t want to create a space that works perfectly now but won’t meet their needs five years down the line! Families with multiple children also need to make sure the bathroom will work for kids who may be at very different stages of life at the same time. Follow our tips to design the perfect space for your family.

Install a double sink

If your space allows it, having two sinks can be a real win if there are multiple kids sharing the same bathroom. It decreases the opportunity for conflict when everyone is trying to get ready at once, creates more efficient bedtime routines and a sense of a personal space.

Image by @dylanjamesphoto. Pictured: Vivid Slimline collection in Brushed Gold

Don’t forget storage

While this may seem like an obvious tip, maximising storage is critical in a family bathroom. It’s best to include a mixture of storage types; some easily accessible by smaller kids for things like toothbrushes, towels, and toilet paper, and some that is well out of reach for any cleaning products or medicines that need to be kept in the room. It’s also a good idea to choose soft-close cabinets to protect little fingers and prevent noisy slams.

Choose tapware and showers with red and blue colour cues

Avoid any accidental scolds by choosing tapware and shower mixers that display red and blue hot/cold water indicators. They’re a great idea when you’re encouraging little ones that can’t yet read to learn to wash their own hands, as they can easily remember what the red and blue stand for. Our Lexi MKII collection has this feature and comes in chrome, matte black or brushed nickel finishes, so will suit any design you choose.

Lexi MKII Vessel Mixer with red/blue indicators

Consider your shower set up

Whether you choose a stand-alone shower or a combination with a bathtub, twin showers are definitely the way to go as you can quickly switch between the overhead and hand-held option, making it work just as well for giving the baby a bath as it does for a teenager getting ready for the day.

If you decide to forgo a bath in favour of a shower, consider a walk-in one, you’ll remove the need for moving parts that can be slammed and as bonus they are much easier to clean.

Phoenix Vivid Twin Shower

Go for robe hooks over towel rails

To encourage children to hang up their own towels and reduce mess, robe hooks are the way to go rather than a standard towel rail. It’s a lot more likely they’ll quickly throw the towel over the hook, versus folding a towel over a rail! Our robe hook collection is extensive and comes in many finishes – take a look here.

Phoenix Robe Hooks

Make it accessible

A floating vanity is ideal for a children’s bathroom as it can be installed at any height you wish – so if you have a mix of older and younger children, place it in a position that’s comfortable for the older children, while being accessible for the littler ones via a stool.

Toilet height is another important decision. A smaller toilet is easier for little children to use but can be awkward as your child reaches pre-teen and teen years. The most practical option is to install an adult height toilet and teach your child to use a step stool if needed. When it comes to the toilet seat, look for a one with a child-sized integrated rim. When your child no longer needs it, you can simply replace the seat.

Tiles, tiles, tiles

It’s no secret that children are messy, so the more tiles you have covering your walls the better! It makes for easy wipe down and you don’t have to worry so much about splashing. Consider large format tiles, again for their ease of keeping clean – less grout means less time cleaning. Tiles are also an easy way to introduce fun pops of colour and personality into the bathroom.

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