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Towel Rails

Phoenix towel rails are the epitome of subtle sophistication in your home with refined Australian-design producing stylish products to help keep your bathroom looking beautiful for years to come.

Choose from our Single Towel Rails and Double Towel Rails

Our range of towel rails comes in an array of designs to suit a variety of bathroom and shower spaces. We offer a strong rounded or square look to bring added structure to your bathroom, as well as fine detailing to add extra interest, including differently shaped back plates, and varying thickness of the towel rails themselves.

Phoenix single towel rails and double towel rails are highly versatile and functional enabling you the flexibility to add your towel rails easily into your home. The towel rails offer a fixing mechanism allowing for easy adjustment during installation, along with dual anchor points at each end for added stability.

Our quality manufacturing also means our towel rails are less likely to bend, distort, or rust over time. This durability is backed by a guaranteed warranty of seven years to protect your single towel rails and double towel rails products as you use them.

Furthermore, our towel rails are available in a variety of sizes, including our two most popular lengths of 600mm and 800mm. This means you can easily adapt them into your space without having to compromise on the look and functionality of your existing aesthetic.

Single Towel Rails and Double Towel Rails for your home

Our single towel rails and double towel rails are durable and also come with a range of design options to suit your space. Purchase any number of matching designer tapware and accessories to complete a streamlined look, including our soap dishes, shower shelves and robe hooks.

Or, make a grand statement and coordinate your towel rails with larger designer pieces such as our complete basin sets. Some of our towel rails are also suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, so you can incorporate them into a swimming pool area for even greater appeal.

Finally, our single towel rails and double towel rails are manufactured in the highest quality finishes. Our range of finishes includes chrome, brushed nickel, brushed carbon, matte black, brushed gold and stainless steel.

This means that you can not only choose different towel rails for a stylish look and feel across our extensive Phoenix collections, but also choose individual finishes within the styles themselves. So if you love one specific style, you can simply switch in or out the finish for a more streamlined, timeless look.