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How to introduce biophilic design into your bathroom

How to introduce biophilic design into your bathroom

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Biophilic designs are becoming the centre of focus for bathroom renovations in 2021, and the trend doesn’t just involve interaction with nature or the inclusion of natural elements; it also features the incorporation of nature’s patterns, all with a view to creating a greater sense of wellbeing. Here’s how you can add biophilic elements to your bathroom space.

In case you aren’t familiar with the term ‘biophilic design’, it refers to the integration and inclusion of natural elements in the home. With many of us now living in urban areas, we inevitably have a reduced connection to nature – so introducing these elements helps us to relax and recuperate by stimulating our senses in a way the built environment alone can’t.

Introduce plants

The most obvious – and easiest – why to bring nature into the bathroom is by adding in some greenery. Not only do plants purify the air, they soften the lines of hard surfaces and provide a welcome burst of the great outdoors. This could be through the use of pot plants, hanging plants, a living wall, or even an outdoor collection of plants that are viewable through a glass wall (see image).

Remember, however, that not all indoor plants thrive in humid rooms, especially ones that don’t receive a lot of sunlight.

Choose plants such as the spider plant, heartleaf philodendron, maidenhair fern or aglaonema.

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Use natural materials

Natural materials are another biophilic design essential. Stone, wood, ceramic and marble are all organic textures that give the sense of a naturally formed bathing space indoors.

This might take the form of a reclaimed wood wall, stone floor and wall tiles or a marble vanity. When it comes to tapware that complements natural elements, chrome and matte black and even brushed nickel work wonderfully well. Take a look at our range of tapware and showers to find something that suits your taste.

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Organic shapes

Nature is all about curves, soft edges, and patterns. The goal is to emulate this through the use of design elements like curved furniture, organic textiles, arch-shaped doors and windows and tiles with different patterns.

For tapware, you could choose the unique, organic open spout design of our Nara Basin Mixer, or our Axia Wall Basin / Bath Curved Outlet Mixer Set which offers a contemporary, organic look.

Nara Basin Mixer


Natural light has a proven positive impact on people and is one of the fundamental elements of biophilic design. Natural light can be incorporated into a bathroom via translucent facades, strategically positioned windows, skylights, perforated screens and full-length windows; all can create a sense of freedom and an unobstructed connection with nature.

When it comes to artificial lighting, LED lights are a great choice. Apart from being more energy-efficient, LED lights produce a more natural-looking light and often allow for temperature and intensity adjustments.

You can also choose dynamic lighting, which can be set to a bright and cool temperature and intensity to energise a morning shower, or warm and dim for a more relaxing mood during an evening bath.

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Water feature

Adding a water feature in the design of a space can be extremely beneficial to wellbeing – with reduced stress, better mood and an overall feeling of calm being just a few of its effects.

This doesn’t have to be a typical water feature – you could use a ceiling mounted shower to evoke the feeling of standing in the rain.

Creative colours

Saturated earth tones are great for evoking an indirect connection to nature – think subdued browns, amber and greens. But you could also consider tapping into your favourite landscapes or moments in nature, such as deep blue glacial lakes, earthy red mountains or the blush pink of a summer sunset.


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