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Ceiling Showers

To create the ultimate experience in your bathroom and shower spaces, why not consider our beautiful collection of ceiling showers?

Choose from our Ceiling Showers collection

The epitome of style and sophistication, Phoenix’s rain showers will ensure your shower will be relaxing, meditative and tranquil with our highly functional and performative approach to shower rose technology.

For starters, many of our ceiling showers fit onto standard sized shower arms, so there’s no need to purchase separate products. However, many of our most popular rain shower ranges also include matching arms, so you can keep the same style and feel across your space.

Secondly, our rain showers collections are easy to clean and maintain. Many ceiling showers come with low profile nozzles, which makes them simpler to clean while not in use, plus many of our products have a larger size, which also makes them easier to reach and maintain.

Thirdly, many of our rain showers are designed with a bigger profile. This is not only convenient for cleaning, but also provides a better experience for users as these ceiling showers offer more impressive water coverage.

These collections include our ever- popular NX Iko rain shower, as well as our Vivid Slimline rain shower.

Ceiling Showers for your home

Phoenix’s ceiling shower range features our shower roses, ceiling arms and flush mounted shower roses. All are modern, efficient and reliable, offering high performance design and some include award-winning designs.

Sophisticated in design and simple to install, Phoenix ceiling showers make a bold statement in any home, and are designed to increase the coverage in your shower and provide a stylish option to your bathroom.

Phoenix ceiling showers are available in a mix of high-quality finishes including a selection of different metallic finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and brushed gold, adding a touch of luxury to your space.

Australian-designed for Australian bathrooms, and supported by a guaranteed warranty, our ceiling showers will seamlessly complement existing features for your space, elegantly blending contemporary design with premium functionality.

For example, the NX Iko rain showers feature Phoenix’s patented HydroSense spray technology, an internationally award-winning design. The technology is designed to accelerate water flow tenfold, to provide improved performance, more water coverage and the result of a deeply sensual shower rose experience.