Explore our bathroom and kitchen range of tapware, showers and accessories providing outstanding solutions for your home.


Phoenix has showers for every application to offer the highest quality performance for you to create the perfect shower option, with a range of styles to suit every bathroom space.

Choose from our Showers collection

We are proud to offer our customers our bold bathroom shower tap collection. Our range features a variety of modern shower taps, contemporary shower taps and traditional shower taps, all crafted with the highest quality finishes including chrome, matte black, gun metal, brushed nickel, brushed gold and stainless steel.

Our shower tap product designs provide exceptional options to furnish your bathroom. For a more streamlined look, we can provide you with plenty of shower taps to suit your aesthetic, as well as a full range of accessories to match.

All of our shower taps are highly functional and durable with brass construction and are suitable to use with standard fittings around the shower and bathroom. Each shower tap is also carefully designed to work with existing plumbing, offering peace of mind.

Showers for your home

We are committed to the highest levels of performance before, during and after you purchase your shower taps. Our products are supported by a guaranteed warranty (varying per style), with many offering a 15-year warranty, which ensures that our team is on hand to support you if you require further assistance.

At Phoenix, we have a huge variety of shower tap types to suit your bathroom space. Depending on the space available, you can choose from twin shower taps, rail shower taps or our hand showers taps.

Plus, for even greater flexibility in our showers, we also offer our customers a great range of beautifully designed shower roses and wall shower taps to offer absolute choice when choosing the right product for your needs.

Once you have decided on your shower tap, we offer a range of matching tapware and accessories to complete your look. Whether you require a thin, rounded look or a wide, flat feel, we will have the right product to suit your space.

In addition, our shower tap products are easy to clean for a seamless bathroom experience.