Explore our bathroom and kitchen range of tapware, showers and accessories providing outstanding solutions for your home.

Shower Heads

Our rain shower heads range is the epitome of elegant shower options, featuring minimal and clean geometric lines suited to the ever-modern bathroom.

Choose from our Shower Roses collection

Phoenix’s contemporary shower rose range is manufactured in the highest quality finishes including chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, brushed gold and stainless steel and is also supported by a guaranteed warranty (varying per style).

This variety of finishes offers maximum flexibility for specifying the perfect product for your bathroom space. It’s easy to mix and match different shower products as well, while ensuring that whatever you choose, you’ll be supported by high quality shower head designs that will never go out of style.

Best of all, our shower heads are available in a wide variety of designs that will suit a mix of styles. We offer elegant shower head designs that complement contemporary spaces, as well as shower heads that are more suited to traditional settings – we are proud to offer a range of options so that your bathroom will always stand the test of time.

Plus, our shower heads are designed to work with existing fittings wherever possible, as well as standard plumbing, giving you assurance that our range will work with your spatial requirements.

Shower Roses for your home

Some of our shower heads are designed for dual applications both indoor and outdoors. Enjoy creating a beautiful outdoor shower space for showering after beach swimming, or equally enjoy shower heads that complement a stylish bathroom inside your house.

You can select from a variety of shapes and sizes, including round, rectangular or square with the option of connecting to a shower arm or mounting directly to the ceiling with our flush mount ceiling shower heads. Many are adjustable too, allowing for flexible use.

In addition, our shower tap products are easy to clean for a seamless bathroom experience. Some of our shower roses are built from premium, marine grade stainless steel, offering a highly durable quality, and will stand the test of time in your shower.

All of our shower head designs offer impressive functionality, superior performance and Australian-designed quality, engineered for long-lasting durability in your bathroom.

Finally, most of our shower head products are supported by a 15-year warranty, demonstrating our commitment to quality and attention to detail. We stand by the performance and design of each tap product, and our in-house design team is proud to innovate with new award-winning bathroom designs.