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Kitchen and bathroom trends 2021

Kitchen and bathroom trends 2021

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As 2020 draws to a close, Phoenix takes a look ahead to next year and the trends we can expect to see in kitchen and bathroom design to make sure you’re inspired and ready for the next season!

Bathroom trends

Blurring the line between exterior and interior

Biophilic designthe integration and inclusion of nature in the home – isn’t a new concept but it’s one that we are going to see more of in 2021 given the positive impact it can have on the connections between people, place and nature.

There are many opportunities to use biophilic design to maximise the potential of the bathroom to be a nurturing, sensory space: think natural materials like stone, wood and marble, all organic textures that give the sense of a naturally formed bathing space indoors. Colour wise, choose saturated earth tones to evoke an indirect connection to nature. Subdued browns, amber, greens and blues are soothing and versatile.

Natural light is also important, whether that’s through the installation of full-length windows, open transitions between interior and exterior or a skylight in the shower, all can create a sense of freedom and an unobstructed connection with nature.

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The continued rise of the wet room

Whether fully open or using a single plane of glass to enclose the shower and bath, wet rooms are becoming more desirable thanks to the contemporary look they offer and the potential increase in value to your home.

“Although we have been designing wet room layout bathrooms for quite some time, they are certainly becoming more popular,” says Illan Elberg, sales and marketing manager at Gia Renovations. “Customers love the hotel/lux feel, and it can also be a great way to utilise space in an often-compact area.”

Read our guide to designing a wet room here.

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Spa-like experiences

It comes as no surprise after the stressful year that was 2020 that a strong bathroom trend into 2021 is the creation of a spa-like experience at home.

“Often we overlook how our home supports our wellbeing – the two are very much connected, so renovating with intention is very powerful,” says Melanie Van Kuyk, director and interior designer at Mave Design.

Moving past purely functional spaces, more people will want to create an oasis of wellbeing at home – somewhere that they can enjoy as a private retreat to de-stress and unwind.

This might be through simple design cues such as rounded shapes and a layering of materials, or it can be fully enjoyed with fittings that offer spa-like experiences, such as luxury showers (browse Phoenix’s collection), hydrotherapy baths and steam rooms and saunas.

Adventurous tile choices

From finger-shaped mosaics and stretched subways to penny rounds and herringbones, tiles are going to be big in 2021.

“We are seeing more that clients are willing to be adventurous and daring with tiles, to create a unique space that represents their taste,” says Elberg. “This comes in all shapes and forms – extra-large tiles for those wanting a sleek and streamline look and handmade tiles or small format tiles for those wanting a more eclectic style.”

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Kitchen trends

Dark dramatic colour palettes

Eschewing its reputation as a feature colour, black is coming into its own in 2021 with walls, cabinetry, tapware and work surfaces turning to the dark side. Combined with vined granite or marble for dramatic layering and contrasting rich coffee browns, woods, shades of grey, taupe or biscuit beige, you’ll have a warm and welcoming kitchen ambiance.

Gillespie House by Studio Atelier. Pictured: Vivid Slimline Gooseneck. Image credit: @dionrobeson

Statement tapware

Chrome is cast aside in 2021 with bold tapware taking centre stage. The perfect way to draw the eye and complement a space, statement tapware is an easy way to update a tired kitchen. Think split finishes such as matte black and brushed rose gold as seen in our Toi collection, or add a lux touch with a brushed gold finish, which beautifully complements a darker kitchen colour palette.

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Continued rise of the island bench

There’s nothing new about the kitchen island, but an adaption that we’ll see in 2021 is the kitchen island dinner table, says Van Kuyk.

“The feeling I get [for kitchen trends] is more communal space in the kitchen. We’ll see square islands for bench seats to facilitate conversation and connection with family and loved ones. Anything that brings occupants space to be together and also provide some space apart when need be is golden.”

Van Kyuk also predicts that we will see further adaptation of the kitchen space: “I’m seeing more integration of study nooks adjoining kitchens also, but I’d like to see these built in a way they can be closed and put away; work and life are very much melding together now so having clear boundaries between the two is valuable.”

Winter Street House by Charles Maccora Design. Pictured: Vivid Slimline Sink Mixer Gooseneck mixer in matte black.

Metallic textures

While metallic accents have been trending in recent years in the form of lamps, appliances, and fittings, next year we’ll see metal as a constructive part of furniture elements and islands. Varying from industrial aesthetics to the warm rustic shine of weathered and worn-looking metal structures, metallic materials give unique charm and a glamorous wink to modern kitchen design.

Discreet storage

There will be a lot of technology and new devices in our kitchens in 2021, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to see them. The appetite for discreet storage is expected to increase next year, with homeowners wanting ways to conceal storage, maximise space and improve user convenience.

This will be achieved through bespoke storage elements such as multi-purpose island units with custom seating, built-in appliances, and reactive banks of furniture made up of sliding doors, pull-out larders, pop-up shelves, integrated wine stores and drawer solutions.

A hidden station to keep the kettle and toaster from cluttering the worktop that helps to create a dedicated area to sit and enjoy food will also be popular in 2021.

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