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The biggest kitchen trends of 2022

The biggest kitchen trends of 2022

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As we welcome a brand-new year, Phoenix takes a look ahead at the trends we can expect to see in kitchen design to make sure you’re inspired and ready for 2022!

Layered lighting

Interior designers have long been advocates of a layered approach to lighting in the kitchen, but it’s something we will see become even more prevalent this year as design savvy homeowners embrace the trend. If you’ve never heard of layered lighting, it’s the use of multiple sources of light to create maximum effect in a space. That could be to break up large rooms such as open plan kitchens or to let different fixtures do different jobs.

There are five main types of lighting that can be used: general lighting, perimeter lighting, accent lighting, task lighting and architectural enhancement, and all work together to create the perfectly lit space.

Image via Katya Baryshnikova

Metallic textures

While metallic accents have been trending in recent years in the form of lamps, appliances, and fittings, next year we’ll see metal as a constructive part of furniture elements and islands. Varying from industrial aesthetics to the warm rustic shine of weathered and worn-looking metal structures, metallic materials give unique charm and a glamorous wink to modern kitchen design.

Statement tapware

The perfect way to draw the eye and complement a space, statement tapware is an easy way to update a tired kitchen and we’ll be seeing a lot of it in 2022! Expect to see a shift to more organic, curved designs inspiring a feeling of comfort, and encompassing a sense of welcome.

Embracing this idea of elegant, rounded shapes, and blurring the lines between hard and round edges, is Phoenix’s new Axia Hob Sink Mixer Set with Flexible Hose. Featuring a velvet touch, matte black silicone hose for style and flexibility, as well as a single function handpiece that detaches from the cradle for extended reach, the Axia Hob Sink Outlet Flexible is a stunning design suitable for any contemporary home. Complementing it is the Axia Hob Mixer, which features fine precision etched grooves for easy operation and control.

Axia Hob Sink Mixer Set

For those who don’t want to abandon the geometric trend completely, and are looking for a real statement piece, the Ester Sink Mixer Squareline seamlessly fuses geometric design with a delicately curved lever. It also features energy saving Cold Start cartridge technology.

For colours and finishes in 2022, matte black shows no sign of disappearing, and there will be a strong presence of metallics such as brushed gold and brushed nickel.

Ester Sink Mixer

Handless Design

In 2022, kitchens are all about multi-tasking, free-flowing designs with a paired-back look, and push-open and close doors are a strong trend coming through to hero cabinetry. But if you prefer not to have push-open cupboards, then recessed handles provide the same sleek look and can be lined with contrasting colours and materials to add interest.

Bringing the outside in

Social distancing encouraged homeowners to embrace cooking and entertaining outside, and while this trend will continue to sizzle in 2022 especially as we enjoy the warmer weather, it’s part of a larger trend – bringing the outside in.

If you have the budget and are renovating, the best way to bring an outdoor vibe to an indoor kitchen is to maximise the amount of natural light pouring in throughout the day. This might be through where you position the kitchen in the home, installing large windows or skylights, bifold doors or designing an open plan layout.

Image via Grundig

If you have a smaller budget or just looking update your kitchen, then colour is an easy way to jump on the outside in trend. Elements of green that echo the outside help connect the kitchen to the garden area and can easily be brought in via herbs and plants.

Another easy solution is to bring materials traditionally associated with the outside in, such as the inclusion of natural wood materials, or flooring that matches your outdoor space to create a cohesive look.

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