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Trending finishes

Trending finishes

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It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted tapware, you had a choice of two finishes: chrome or gold. Although these classic finishes are still popular choices in homes to this day, home decorators now have a much wider and far more diverse range of finishing choices for their tapware, whether it be for a traditional, modern, rustic, industrial, provincial or retro interior space.

Trending finishes

Nowadays, finishes aren’t just about colour and tone, surface textures add to the detailing and shouldn’t be overlooked. You can select from brushed or smooth, shiny or matte. The combinations available are amazing.

Here is an outline of the most common and trending finishes available for tapware, mixers, showers and accessories today.


Is it too much to say black is the new — ahem — black? Matte Black is a popular choice for contemporary tapware and creates dramatic contrast between traditional colouring such as white tiles, while adding to the mood of a space with an intentionally darker colour palette. Black accents around a bathroom and kitchen can help tie a space together.  The matte finish also adds to the modern aesthetic.

Vivid Twin Shower

A textured finish such as Brushed Gold can bring a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom or kitchen, and successfully works when paired with traditional or modern fit outs. The yellow brass colouring makes this finish perfect for adding warmth to your space. The glow and shine of Brushed Gold can be taken from the key elements, like the shower and tapware, and applied seamlessly through to accessories such as towel rails, toilet roll holders and robe hooks within a bathroom setting. The Brushed Gold finish is more stable and won’t discolour compared to brass which will change over time.

Brushed Gold Vivid Shower

With a slightly pinker colouring than brushed gold, rose gold offers a blush coloured finish which contrasts well with other striking finishes. Rose gold is a relatively new finish in tapware however has been become highly popular over the last few years. Similar to gold, rose gold exudes a level of elegance. Our Toi collection of mixer taps offers a Matte Black finish with Brushed Rose Gold features. This trending finish looks oh so chic in contemporary homes.

Toi Vessel Mixer

Want a traditional finish similar to chrome, but with a modern edge? Brushed Nickel is an excellent choice. It offers a similar silver colour but with a warmer tone. This contemporary finish matches well with timbers, steel, concrete and natural stones such as granite and marble.

Vivid Slimline Vessel Mixer

If you’re after a finish that contrasts with its surrounding, but don’t want to go down the Matte Black route, Gun Metal as an ideal solution. The dark grey tones make it perfect to be that ‘modern classic’ finish. Perfectly toeing the line between safe and adventurous, Gun Metal’s popularity is growing strongly. It offers a matte titanium coloured finish that is lighter than Matte Black, but darker than Brushed Nickel. It sits well against lighter coloured tiling and decor.

Vivid Slimline Wall Basin Mixer Set

We simply have to discuss this classic finish. Even though home decorators have more tapware finish choices than ever before, chrome just keeps on keeping on. Chrome is a timeless finish that is lodged firmly in our imaginations as what tapware looks like. It can go with virtually any aesthetic and is easy to maintain and clean. This hard-wearing finish is generally offered as the standard for a large range of tapware, showers and bathroom accessories. It’s a perfect choice for when you’re wanting a finish which will definitely stand the test of time.

Phoenix Nara

Phoenix Tapware is committed to providing products which add value and create long-term solutions. Our finishes are no exception. Durable and of a high quality – all tapware, showers and accessories are covered under an extensive warranty program. An example of our level of commitment is a Lifetime Finishes Warranty on the NX Showers collection.

Whatever your desired look, Phoenix Tapware has something to suit you. Need more inspiration? Take a look at our Gallery Page to see how you can use finishes to complete your home.

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