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Towel Ladders, Towel Racks, and Towel Holders

Our towel racks and towel ladders add elegance, innovation and visual delight to the modern bathroom, and are perfect storage solution options for any household.

Choose from our bathroom towel racks and towel ladders collection

Our towel ladders, towel racks and towel holders come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from wide and flat to curved and sculptural. Meticulously crafted to complement modern bathroom trends, Phoenix towel ladders and towel racks are manufactured in timeless, high-quality finishes including chrome, matte black, brushed nickel and brushed gold.

Easy to install, the towel ladders, towel rack and towel holder range comes with a concealed, unique fixing mechanism allowing for quick level adjustment during bathroom installation, and some of the products offer stainless steel construction for added durability.

Towel racks and towel ladders for your bathroom and toilet

The towel racks and towel ladder range is supported by a seven-year warranty, giving us the ability to manage and control the design, quality and performance of all our bathroom products and giving consumers confidence that our range will stand the test of time. Complete any bathroom look with our carefully selected towel ladder, towel rack and towel holder collections. With a towel holder solution for every bathroom need, all towel racks and holders are created to provide style as well as the optimum function.

Having an in-house design team means we’re able to closely manage the design, quality, performance and overall aesthetic appeal of all of our towel ladders, towel racks and towel holders for your bathroom.

Our extensive towel ladder, towel rack and towel holder range offers the perfect storage solution for your space.