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Point Drains

Phoenix point drains offer the perfect finishing point for your bathroom, shower and laundry products, with a highly polished look and aesthetic.

Choose from our Point Drains collection

The epitome of subtle sophistication, our point drain outlets are easy to install, work beautifully with our existing collections and will keep your bathroom performing perfectly for years to come.

Our point drain outlets are available in a variety of forms to suit an array of drain sizes and designs. For example, we offer all of our square line point drains in 100mm and 130mm sizes, with a fine linear design that is perfectly suited for heavy water flow. We also offer round curving point drains in 100mm sizes, which are ideal for pairing with round fixtures within your space.

Our point drains are also suitable for small wet areas, such as ensuites and balconies, and include a 10-year warranty.

Point Drains for your home

We offer both a curving rounded look or square look to add structure and easy drainage in your space. Our point drains also offer excellent functionality, compatible with a large range of floor tiles allowing for an integrated drainage system.

Phoenix also offers point drains in both a classic stainless steel finish and a matte black finish. This provides excellent flexibility for you to choose either a more traditional look, or the opportunity to create an edgier aesthetic.

Choosing a matte black finish will also enable you to tie in other matte black products from our extensive collection, including mixers, outlets and shower accessories.

Depending on your preferred style, you can create a more subtle look by mixing and matching your point drain with other small design touches including our beautifully designed soap dishes and robe hooks.

A point drain outlet will give your space the final touch, and with all of our point drain products available in a premium, marine grade 316 stainless steel construction, they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Finally, if you are building a new home, you must allow for the height, width, depth and outlet position as early as the concrete pour stage.