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Wastes & Traps

Phoenix offers a selection of standard sized wastes and traps to work with your bathroom, shower and laundry products.

Choose from our Wastes & Traps collection

Our universal waste products are perfectly created to work with your existing Phoenix range.

As part of our collection of universal waste traps, we offer a collection of products beautifully designed and finished with a focus on high performance.

Phoenix offers a 40mm Flat pop up universal waste as well as a 40mm Dome pop up universal waste.

Our Flat pop up waste is suitable for both standard and over-flow basins as well as baths specifying 32mm waste.

Our Dome pop up waste offers the same specifications as the Flat waste, and features a curving convex dome design for excellent splash reduction.

Furthermore, our Dome pop up has been cleverly designed to drain 56 per cent faster when compared with leading Australian pop down wastes, to offer superior drainage functionality.

Conveniently, both universal waste traps are available in a range of finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, brushed carbon, matte black, brushed gold and gun metal, allowing full customisation for your space.

Wastes & Traps for your home

As part of our waste and traps collection, we also offer bottle traps to suit 40mm pipework to complete your Phoenix bathroom or other wet area installation.

Our bottle traps are vertically and horizontally adjustable and have a matching universal pop up wastes to match along with a removable cap for easy cleaning.

They also offer the same range of contemporary finishes for a seamless look in your space, including brushed gold, matte black, gun metal, brushed nickel and brushed carbon alongside our classic chrome option.

Each of Phoenix’s universal wastes and bottle traps are easy to clean with removable parts and showcase versatile designs to suit any bathroom interior.

Finally, our waste traps collection includes a 12-month warranty across each product, offering peace of mind and demonstrating the confidence we place across our range.