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Bath Outlets

A bathtub spout is an outlet designed specifically for baths.
A key difference between bath outlets and basin outlets is that basin outlets have a flow restrictor, while our bath outlets do not.
This allows the bath to be filled as quickly as possible, and a more efficient bathing experience overall. Many outlets are offered as a dual basin/bath outlet where the optional flow restrictor is provided.
At Phoenix, we provide a large array of products to choose from. Outlets are available to purchase separately without the hot or cold tap or mixer which can be chosen separately.
This means you can mix and match depending on your style, as well as bring in other designs that work with your bathtub spout, from modern to a traditional setting.
Our finishes are also comprehensive, including chrome, brushed nickel, gun metal, matte black and brushed gold.
The outlets include a solid brass construction and are supported by our seven-year warranty on products or parts.