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Floor Mounted Bath Outlets

A floor mounted bath spout is the ultimate in glamour when it comes to creating a retreat in the bathroom.

Typically accompanying a freestanding bath, a beautifully sleek spout resting on the floor is the perfect way to finish your bathroom. Pair with a mixer or tapware to complete the look.

This means you can mix and match depending on your style, as well as bring in other designs that work with your bathtub spout, from modern to a traditional setting.
Our designs feature an elegantly bending spout, allowing you to create your dream look, befitting a highly sophisticated, luxurious space.

Our floor mounted bath spout options each showcase quality hardwearing finishes and include matching accessories to help you to create a stunning bathroom look across your entire suite of products.

Australian designed in-house by our own talented design team, we understand it’s the small details done superbly that make the best impression.

These outlets are supported by our seven-year warranty on products or parts.