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Sink Outlets

Phoenix is proud to offer a great range of sink outlets and sink spouts suitable for your home, including the kitchen and laundry spaces to create a seamless look.

Choose from our Sink Outlets collection

Each sink spout is designed specifically to suit kitchen and laundry sinks, rather than bathroom basins.

We offer a great range suitable for your home, so you’ll always be able to find the right product to suit. From an angled look ideal for modern and contemporary spaces, to a gently curved gooseneck spout, our sink outlets come in a range of styles to choose from. All of our sink spout designs can be mixed and matched with a wide range of Phoenix products.

Many of our sink outlet designs also include a 360-degree swivel spout, adding extra functionality for washing dishes and general kitchen and laundry use.

Best of all, you can purchase your spout independently from the hot and cold taps or mixer. This affords a huge degree of flexibility and will also help you match other accessories to the look of your sink spout.

Even more flexibility is provided with our range of sink spout finishes, including our high-quality chrome and ever popular matte black, enabling you to customise your look and feel by creating an edgy or classic look simply through your kitchenware.

Sink Outlets for your home

It’s crucial when it comes to your busy spaces that every product within them works equally as hard, so that you never have to compromise on the way you work within your home.

That’s why Phoenix sink spouts feature a brass construction, built for durability and quality. Our sink outlets also include enhanced functionality with features such as retrofit applications, allowing for easier installations, along with our high-quality finishes.

Our in-house Australian design team personally ensure that each product will stand the test of time for aesthetics as well as performance. It’s also why our suite of products, including some of sink outlets, have been recognised with numerous international design awards over the years.

We are also proud to offer a seven-year warranty on our collection of sink spouts, as a testament to the quality and performance of our range and our commitment to the highest standards of workmanship.