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Wall Basin Sets

If you’ve ever wanted to inject instant wow factor into your bathroom space, consider adding our wall mounted basin taps.

Choose from our Wall Basin Sets collection

The big difference between our wall basin sets and our other product categories is that this tapware is beautifully designed to be installed directly onto the wall, rather than through the basin.

Not only does this allow for a clean vanity bench top, it also means your bench top will stay clutter-free to enable you to create a beautifully crisp bench space that will wear less and stay looking perfect over time.

These particular types of wall mounted basin taps are also designed for use specifically with basins, and typically for bathroom applications. The bonus is that you can create a standalone, highly sophisticated space that cannot be replicated in any other room – enabling you to bring a stunning vision to life without parallel.

As part of the package of wall mounted basin taps, the set includes a spout and a hot and cold tap, installed directly in the wall, creating a seamless look with ease.

Wall Basin Sets for your home

Manufactured with a quality, hardwearing finish, our collection of wall basin sets features a range of unique, modern Australian design from our in-house research and development team.

Our commitment to the highest levels of quality means that we are passionate about our work, design and know-how, with our extensive range of collections enabling you to fit out each bathroom within your home using Phoenix products.

Our wall basin sets are also supported by extensive warranties, giving you peace of mind no matter which set you choose.

Best of all, you can also mix and match other products from Phoenix ranges to ensure your space makes the right impression, or simply stay within the same collection for a more streamlined approach across your interior.

And whether you prefer the sensual, curved lines of our iconic Axia range, or the smooth, gently square line shape of our popular Mekko range, you’ll always stand out with Phoenix wall basin sets, no matter which direction you head in.