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Wall Top Assemblies

Phoenix wall top assemblies come complete in a large range of different styles, looks and designs. They include a hot and cold tap, ready to be paired with a matching outlet.
While all are defined by their functionality – they are installed directly into the wall, with the flexibility to be used in either the bathroom, kitchen or laundry and are suitable for retrofit applications.
All are highly durable with quality finishes, including our traditional chrome, as well as our metallics including brushed nickel, or our modern matte black, for example.
Our products range from the ultra-modern Axia wall top assemblies, with their concealed backplate, to our variety of Vivid Slimline assemblies featuring pin levers in different positions.
Australian-designed and supported by our industry-leading seven-year warranty, our wall top assemblies will deliver the perfect look for your space, and style to suit any space.