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The innovative mixer technology

About SwitchMix®

SwitchMix® by Phoenix is a revolutionary new technology offering the ultimate flexibility when choosing bathroom fittings. Consisting of two main components, the rough-in kit (in-wall component) and fit-off kit (the handle and backplate), SwitchMix® allows you more time to consider design and finish selections without holding up construction as the components can be ordered separately.

Compatible with multiple Phoenix collections, with up to 5 finishes to choose from, SwitchMix® also allows you to easily select a new design or finish in future without having to remove/damage tiles, as all the changes are made front of wall. This opens up a whole new world of design opportunity, with the flexibility to easily follow trends as they come and go!

To find out more about how SwitchMix® can help you take the stress out of making tapware choices, read here.

SwitchMix® has received international recognition, winning an iF Design Award and a Red Dot Design Award in 2024.


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