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How Phoenix is investing in your future in and around your home

How Phoenix is investing in your future in and around your home

Phoenix Tapware
Phoenix Tapware
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We believe innovation and sustainability go hand in hand. That’s why we’ve developed a production process that minimises waste and environmental impact.

At Phoenix, our people create, design and manufacture with the future of our planet top of mind. That’s why our work is always informed by sustainability principles and the impact our products make on our environment. We want you to feel confident that when you purchase from us, we are helping you both with water conservation and utility bills.

Water – A cleaner future

We prioritise the way we work with water during the design process. This is why many of our products hold a 6 Star WELS rating. Choosing products registered and labelled with a water efficiency sticker means you will save more water and reduce your energy bills. And of course, protect your future.

It’s easy to choose products like ours for your home to optimise water efficiencies. Whether it’s updating your old bathroom products to those that offer superior water usage or actively reducing the amount of water you consume, we can all help together. At Phoenix, we invest in flow restrictors that help control the amount of water used in our products and focus on innovation, including our HydroSense® water spray technology.

NX Iko Shower

Metals – Greener manufacturing

Our team approaches sustainability by considering not only water, but also the composition of each component. That’s why we have introduced ‘greener’ metals into our range of stainless steel. These products use less energy to manufacture, and in turn, require less energy to operate, creating a closed loop of sustainability from creation to the end user.

Vivid Slimline SS Sink Mixer Gooseneck

Recycling – Committed to waste reduction

When we send a product to market, that’s not the end of it. We have a comprehensive system in place to recycle as much as we can. For example, by recycling all brass shavings and waste, we can move towards a more sustainable workplace that values the end product as much as the off cuts it produces.

Warranty – Industry leading

We are passionate about creating products of high quality, longevity and durability. We take the utmost care and precision to ensure all factors are considered before taking a product to market. As a testament to the belief we have in our work, we offer an extensive warranty program on all Phoenix products. Ranging from one year to a lifetime warranty, we stand by the quality, design and manufacture of every Phoenix product.

Accreditations & Standards

Our products are certified to meet Watermark regulations and comply with the plumbing code of Australia and the relevant standards. A large range of our products are awarded a 6 Star WELS rating for water efficiency.

Our work has been internationally recognised with seven iF Design awards, seven Red Dot design awards, and six Good Design awards. A great accomplishment for our talented design team and a testament to the calibre of our work.

Our award-winning collections: Zimi, NX Orli, NX Iko and Axia

WELS & Watermark

Every Phoenix tapware product and shower has been awarded a WELS rating, tested for hydraulic strength, water tightness, torque of joints and components endurance.

We are proud to participate in this scheme, where tests include turning the taps on and off around 50,000 times and changing the water temperature from hot to cold and back again every 55 cycles.

Watermark is a product quality certification mark confirming that Phoenix products comply with the Plumbing Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards. This certification is mandatory for products to be installed legally according to state and plumbing regulations.


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